Wednesday, 27 June 2007


Work was semi-busy today. I'm sick of making labels, though. I'd also be just as happy if I never saw another business card again in my life. Oh well.

Today was the first day of course registration... I registered for my FYP courses, no problem, but the French is a bit trickier. I took the placement test, and it said I should take 1050, but if I get a 5 or higher in IB, they'll give me credit for 1045, which means I should be in a second year course next year. And for some reason their test didn't record my results anyway, so they said they'd get it sorted out once I took the test again and my IB marks come in. w00t.

Graduation is tonight. I can't believe that after twelve years, it's all going to be over. It doesn't even seem real yet. I'm pretty nervous about giving the invocation speech... I mean, I'm the first person to talk! Eep! Anyway, I suppose it will probably be very long and very sad and whatnot. But GV's coming down to watch, and since I haven't seen her in ten months, that is VERY exciting. I can't wait to see her! And Safe Grad should be fairly awesome too, I suppose. My grandparents are down from New Brunswick for it too, so they're probably at home by now; I'll see them when I get there.

Ergh, need to work on my screenplay.

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