Tuesday, 26 June 2007


Mmmm, it was sooo fun!

I spent all day geting ready... it was ridiculous... I don't think I've ever felt like such a prep in my life.. but oh well. I mean, I spent half an hour just plucking my eyebrows, and it took an hour and fifteen minutes to do my hair... although that was worth it, becuase it looked really nice.

Anyway, S. and his dad came and picked me up in the cadillac, and Steven looked so nice! He's even more handsome than usual when he gets all dressed up. The corsage he got me was really nice too, it's so lovely.

The barbecue at JH's was really fun... everyone was there and having a good time. The Hs really went all out fo it... sorbet to cleanse the pallette, spinach salad, burgers, chicken, pasta salad, a fruit tray, cheese and crackers, iced tea and punch, after eight mints, and ice cream with waffle bowls... although we were all wayyy too full for ice cream.

Then the prom itself... I loved the first hour of taking pictures and stuff, it was just silly... but then when we first went inside it was awkward because everyone was just standing around. But once SG finally showed up she wanted to dance, which meant I wasn't dancing alone so I didn't feel like an idiot, and then everyone else started dancing. Go SG! I spent most of the night with her and the IB nerds... and S., of course. I hardly saw LE at all... mostly because she and A have no ability to be together and be with a group at the same time... but whatever, as long as they're happy.

S.'s dad drove me home again afterwards... S. walked me to the door... it was very sweet. I wanted to go to LH's afterwards to watch Disney movies, but that wouldn't work since I had to come to work today. Oh, and so far - one hour and nothing done. Blah.

All in all, it was a lovely evening, although I'm not sure it was worth the $450+ that went into it. But, whatever, I guess that's how prom works.

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