Friday, 29 June 2007



So. Graduation was Wednesday. It actually went surprisingly well. The waiting around for an hour beforehand was the worst part, I'd say. My invocation went well, I got several compliments on it... EB's speech was really lame, which made me happy... I know that sounds horrible, but I just don't like her. Peter McKay's speech was nice... other people whined about it, but I enjoyed it. Anyway. I won a panther award... which didn't surprise me that much, actually, because I knew I had a lot of points. Buuuuut I also won the Queen Elizabeth II medal! That was crazy, I honestly couldn't believe it... I was totally expecting them to call JH's name... I was pleasantly surprised. Anyway. Even the grad song wasn't as bad as I had thought. And sitting through the awarding of diplomas wasn't too bad, CC was two seats away, and the girl between us left around the L's, so at least I had someone to talk to.

The reception afterwards was nice, lots of photos, lots of congratulations, and GV was there!! I was so happy to see her, since I hadn't in almost a year. It was good. And there was lots of food, gooey chocolatey food, the best kind.

So then it was off to White Point for SafeGrad, which was pretty good. The buffet meal was good, and the scavenger hunt was fun, JH and I tied for first with two other girls. Then we went swimming... it ws fun, we played ball with everyone, then invaded the hot tub... then we played 'water polo' which basically involved everyone screaming and jumping on IL. After that, though, it kind of died out. There was just a reeeeeallyyyyy lame magic show... and then the stupid auction, which I didn't have any money for... so, yeah. But it was good.

Yesterday I just stayed home and slept and worked on my screenplay... still have 1800 more words to write in the next two days! Eep! Ah well... tomorrow's Saturday, there'll be plenty of time for writing... I hope.

So today at work I just researched sponsorship programs, all day. And I hardly found anything. AGH! Oh well.

I might go out and do something with Steven tonight... I don't know... depends how I feel after supper, I'm still pretty tired...

Sunday is Canada Day, w00t! AS and SG and I are going to go out on the town. We figure something ought to be going on in Bridgewater... if not, we can always go to the duck pond and the playground and the lake. Yar. And there will be fireworks in the evening, if nothing else.

And I have Monday off. Schweet.

Soo, the Dean of Residence from King's called yesterday... said they had some single rooms left, and since I had paid early, they were offering me one. I surprised myself and said no. It's tempting, but, I don't know, it just didn't seem right. As much as I would love the privacy, without a roommate, I might never leave my room. And I think a roommate would be good for my sanity. Anyway, hopefully they'll still take into account my request to be in the Bays, then at least I can have some quasi-privacy.

Anywho... that are all. Bye.

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