Saturday, 30 June 2007


Hmm, so it's been a loverly day. I s'pose. Well, let's back up a bit and do this in order.

Last night after work I went over to S.'s. We just hung out for a while, then went to Dairy Queen. After that, we went to Zeller's and Wal-mart to look for hats, because he doesn't have a hat. While I was at Zeller's, I bought an energy drink. I'd never had one before, so I was pretty excited. I got a Rockstar Juiced, because S. said they were the best out of what was there. First of all, it tasted awful. I could only make it through half. Secondly, it didn't give me any energy at all. Third, it made me feel ill. Within about ten minutes of drinking it, my stomach was very upset and I was very gaseous. This lasted about half an hour before I begin to feel better at all. So not call. anyway, S. was very sweet about the whole thing and did his best to make me feel better. I love him so much.

Anyway, this morning when I got up, my parents had gone out yard-saling. I made some pancakes, read the comics and did the puzzles out of three days of newspapers, and washed the dishes. My parents were just getting home then, and I had a shower. Then we had lunch.

After lunch, I sat down to write. This is the last day of June, of course, and I had a screenplay to finish. I did! I'm so pleased with myself. I knew I was going to make it, I barely struggled with this at all, compared to NaNoWriMo, but still, it was a good feeling. I'm happy. I love... everything! Yay.

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