Saturday, 28 July 2007

Gnomish Poetry

Awake, awake, for now's the time
Wake up, wake up, and dance with me
The sun has set, the moon is out
So dance! my gnomish family

Free yourselves of your stone cages
Leave them behind 'til morning's light
No solemn gargoyles are we
But the laughing gnomes of the night

Long years ago, we got involved
In sad affairs, a human fight
Our one mistake, to take a side
'Twas the cause of our sorry plight

The humans had a sorceror
Mighty in the ways of magic
He laid a curse on all gnomekind
The results of which were tragic

We became as statues of stone
Frozen in place one thousand years
We could not move, we could not dance
Our merry laughter turned to tears

But now the curse has expired
And once again we roam the land
Kick up your heels, throw off your chains
And dance together, hand in hand!

So, I'm thinking I might submit this to the Poetry Institute's all ages contest. It probably won't win, but it might at least get published. I like to think it's charming. It still needs a lot of work, of course, but I'll have plenty of time for that in the next 12 days. *eye roll*

Friday, 27 July 2007

For the Birds, Part 4 - Ditched

Just this year, along about January or February, I was sitting on the bus, staring lonesomely out the wind, as I always do. As we came up to a stop, I was looking out, and I looked into the snow-filled ditch.

There were two birds sitting in that ditch on top of the snow. At first I thought this was very cute, but when I looked again, I realized that no, it wasn't. One of the birds was not sitting but lying in the snow. Certainly not normal. The bird was dead.

The other bird was sitting beside it, staring at it, hopping around frantically. Just as the bus was starting to pull away, the still-living bird looked up at the bus, it looked right at me. I have never before or after seen such a sorrowful expression on any face, human, bird, or otherwise. The poor bird looked absolutely heart-broken. I had to fight the urge to cry myself.

Somehow this is a memory that will always stick with me, an image I cannot remove from my mind.

For the Birds, Part 3 - The Duck

Okay, so I've seen lots of ducks in my life, and many of them were very nice ducks, I'm sure, but this one was special.

It was last summer, the day I found out about AH cheating on me. I was extremely upset, and AS took me out to take my mind off things. I don't remember anything we did, except her giving me her kitty ears, and going to the duck pond. I did not want to go home and face the long hours of lying awake in bed, so I insisted on staying out for a while longer, even though it was late and everything was closed. We went to our last refuge, the duck pond.

There was one solitary duck at the pond that night. It was sound asleep, and of course we couldn't leave it be. So we stood there with our loaf of bread, and threw pretty much the whole thing out to this one duck, a bit at a time. The duck hardly woke up, it just quacked grouchily and went back to sleep.

The duck was missing out on the good things around it because it just didn't care. I realized that what I'd been wishing all day, to stop feeling, to sop caring, was not what I wanted at all . I would be missing out on all the good things around me.

Thursday, 26 July 2007

For the Birds, Part 2 - Rockin' Robin

The summer that I was ten, we found a baby robin. It was sitting under one of our trees, and it had a broken beak and an injured wing. When we found it, mom called the vet to see what to do. He advised us not to touch it, because we didn't know if it had been abandoned or not, and if it wasn't it definitely would be once it had human scent on it.

The mother did not come back for the baby. The vet advised us to put on a pair of gloves and lift the baby back into the nest. A few hours later, it was sitting on the ground again. It was definitely abandoned.

After another call to the vet, we adopted it. We set him up in a big cardboard box with an old towel, and put a lamp by him for heat. He also had a little water dish. I say he, but that was just what we assumed, it quite easily could have been a female. He was christened Rockin' Robin after the children's song. You know, "Rockin' Robin, tweet, tweet, tweedily deet"? That one.

Rockin' Robin was always hungry. Fortunately, we hadn't planted a pumpkin patch that year, so that garden was empty. We would go down three or four times a day and dig through the whole thing looking for worms. We had to cut them up into bite-sized pieces and feed them to him. Luckily, he was growing fast, and soon we could just put the whole worms in with him and he would eat them. Also as he grew older, we found out that cherries were a recommended food for captive robins. The amount of time spent looking for worms was greatly reduced.

Once his injuries had healed, we started taking Rockin' Robin's box outside with us when we were out. He soon started hopping out of his box and exploring the yard a bit. Once he learned to fly, he would go sit in the maple tree, but he would still come back to us at night. One day, of course, he didn't come back.

But that is the way of children, is it not? Eventually they grow up and move on.

We always liked to think he was one of the many adult robins that showed up in our area next spring. Children do come back to visit, after all.

For the Birds, Part 1 - The Baby

It was sweltering hot today. I mean blistering. Thirty-two degrees. Gross. So, instead of going for my usual walk of the whole walking trail, which takes thirty minutes and would have been just asking for a heat stroke, I decided to walk back and forth along the first 100 metres or so of the trail that are actually in the shade.

There I was, walking along, when all of a sudden I hear "cheep!" You know, the very loud, very pitiful, high-pitched cheep of a baby bird? So I looked down, and there, not two feet away sits a baby robin on the grass beside the trail. Not a baby baby, it had nearly grown out of its fluffy feathers, but it didn't seem to be old enough to fly. I bent down to have a closer look at it to see if it was hurt. It didn't appear to be, so I assumed it must have been there because it was too young to fly.

I talked to it for a few minutes, wondering if it's mother had abandoned it or just left it there to wait for her. I hoped the mommy robin would come back, because I knew that my family just did not have time to take in a bird right now, and I couldn't think of anyone else I could pawn it off on.

After a moment, I walked on, and passed the bird twice more. The second time I came by, I stopped to talk to it again. I was starting to think that maybe I should go get my water bottle and try to drip a few drops in its mouth, if that would help. But the moment I stood up to go do it, the bird stood up and jumped away. It settled down about ten feet from where it was and sat down again. However, I was now convinced that it was alright, so I walked on. I looked back periodically, and saw that it hoped its way into a clump of bushes.

About five minutes later, an adult robin swooped down and landed in the same clump of bushes, and there was chirping all around.

This all reminded of some of my own experiences with birds and the memories of them that have stuck with me. My next couple of posts will tell those stories.

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Of Thises and Thatses

Okay, so, Deathly Hallows is officially amazing. I read the entire book on Saturday, and oh. my. goodness. It was perfect, it was everything you could possibly want it to be. The only bad thing about it is that it's the last one. The midnight party was sweet too. My team totally won the Triwizard Tournament, and only because AS and I made a mad dash up the stairs at the last second to find the missing clue. It was fun. I loved everything. I mean, it was Harry Potter, it was at King's, I was with AS... how could I not be happy?

My vest is coming along loverly. I've finished the back and gotten started on the front. There hasn't been much time to work on it lately though because I'm either too tired or too busy to spend time on it. We've all been working hard to get ready to move. The house is ours on Friday, and my dad's taking the next two weeks off. We have to fix the flooring in pretty much the entire upstairs, and there's some work that needs to be done in the downstairs. We plan to be completely out of the old house by August 12th. It all seems so crazy.. I barely remember the Middle Lahave or Bridgewater houses, so it kind of seems like I've lived there my entire life. And it will also be strange coming home for the holidays because I won't really be going home. But it's still exciting, going to live somewhere clean and nice and fresh. And the deck, I'm excited for the deck... definitely going to have a big deck party before going to university.

And ST comes home soon <3<3<3 ^_^ I haven't seen her in so long... and it's good timing too, she'll be home for civic holiday, which means everyone will have the day off, so hopefully there will be some sort of big magical everyone together hang out time. I would like that.

Thursday, 12 July 2007


I forgot one thing on that list. I'm also supposed to make a little booklet for my parents to explain all the computer things that they always forget how to do... downloading music, uploading it to their mp3 players, burning CDs, etc.

So, I finally got my room assignment. I am super-pumped! A) I'm in the bays! B) I'm in North Pole Bay, which is just a sweet name. C) It's the one that has laundry/lounges/kitchenette. My roommate's name is ML. I've got her contact information, but I haven't figured out what to say to her, so I haven't gotten in touch yet. Oh dear.

I want a blog buddy. Someone to... talk to, and stuff. I would even go for multiple blog buddies. I guess if I want them I've got to get out there and comment on other people's blogs.

I'm soooo tired....

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Summer To-Do List

1. Go through everything I own and sort it into four groups: throw out, sell, leave at the new house, take to university. Pack up everything in the last two groups to take with me. Have this done before August 15, when we want to be completely out of the old house.

2. Maintain penpalship with LH and BC at least until they get home from camp, if not the entire summer.

3. Get in shape/get a tan.

4. Write everyday... unless it's, like, absolutely impossible.

5. Finish weaving my scarf and knit my vest.

6. Edit my screenplay.

7. Spend as much time as possible with friends, especially AS, LH, AF, TM, LE, and Mart, since they're the ones I won't be seeing next year.

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Memories of the High School Years

These are the things I never want to forget, so I will preserve them here for all eternity. Err... something like that.


The first day of school, when SG and I were standing in the lobby by ourselves because we got there early, and there was this other group of people there who kept looking at us weird.

The day I stole MZ's hat and he chased after me and his pants fell down. Then he laid on the ground flailing around for a while trying to pull them up.

The day we were running around in the rain and SG fell and slid all the way down the hill.

Writing letters back and forth to LE between my History class and her homeroom.

History class.

Pre-IB science, Mr. Josephson was rearranging an equation on the bored, and he ended up with Ee = whatever. Then he said, "So on this side, we've got e, e... Eeeeee!" I can't believe no one else remembers that.

Watching Ludovic in French class, when the goose got its head stuck in the fence and everyone laughed but I almost cried.

PAL class with RW, always playing on the crash mats.

The random day I was hanging out in Ms. Douwsma's room with GV and Ms. Douwsma played the Schnoppy song. Schnee Schni Schnoppy, Schnoppy schnoppy schnoppy...

That sweet plan SG and I had to get back at that man-whore LC... where I flirted with him for like two weeks and then I was going to run off with RB... except it didn't work because that stupid Ash. told him at the last second...

Winter carnival, when I was helping SG get something out of her hair and Ash. came running over and grabbed my arm and started shaking it, and I told her to fuck off.

That time that SG and I went to a Centre dance, and we were all sitting on that table in the hallway, and some dude came over and asked what kind of music we listened to. SG said "Nine Inch Nails" and then he was like "That's it? You only listen to one band?"

SE preaching to us, and MZ would always make fun of him... and how he humped churches and drove a floating holy cross and had a holy cow...

MZ's stupid phrases, like "Cat basket ovulation stick."

SG went out with MZ. HAHAHA.

That time we went on a Mish to the graveyard, and we were sitting in Tim Horton's with MZ for like three hours while we waited for Loopy to show up, and every time he said something we'd start laughing... and when he asked why we'd say "Nothing!" and it drove him crazy.

Calling RB 'Ross Farm.'

That whole big fiasco between AC/A/MZ/AT and I was caught in the middle and it was all like, wo. Major drama sesh. Boys are so dumb, hahaha.

One day in music class...
CRC: We're playing Rio Con Brio in the concert?
Mr. MacConnell: Yes. In fact, that's all we're playing, we're just going to repeat it three times. (He starts counting in)
AB: And the next one's 'Rio CON Brio'
And then ZM and T. and I laughed through the entire song, and we kept thinking that we'd stopped, so we started playing, but then we'd laugh again and it would make a horrible honking sound.

Randomly playing 'Shaft' after every band concert.

Women's Wellness Day. Definitely the best.

Rainbow Day!, the holiday that BC and I invented. And... kind of haven't celbrated it since then.


Playing sardines on Extreme Day.

The Extreme Day dance, when SG slapped RB.

Beach Day! Definitely a sweet time, what with the Franz Ferdinand and the stupid whale and the Incas and the..time-warp tunnel or whatever we called it.

The horrible murder mystery party over march break. So disappointing!

The tea party that SG and I had when she called me a whore and pushed me on the floor and I laid there laughing for an hour.

History seminars, makeing trench videos with T., CC, and JH. (Kassiviris!) And spending like three hours just trying to figure out those stupid bridges.

When we had to make our own version of 'Digging', and we made 'Burning'. "My father, burning"


Stay in School for School, yelling at AT in an old hag voice.

Band trip... buying a whole tube of cookie dough to eat in our room... sitting with LH on the bus even though we barely knew each other... listening to Teitur in our room...

Staying up late with TM, waiting for to finish counting down.

AS's birthday party. You know what I mean.

My birthday party, when TM ran off into the field with the chair, and whatnot.


Pirate party!

Extreme day, going to Sobey's to buy a cake! That was a good cake...

Extreme day, F. being a whore, causing TM and I to make emo pictures and discuss how much we wanted to key her.

Stay in School for School. What's not to like?

Watching Prison Break with AF and LH... <3 Especially the end of the first season, when AF and I were freaking out... "Hurry, hurry, go, NOO, fat kid, stay there, don't do it, no... HURRY!" :)

BOSTON! Zillions of hours on the bus with Laura, big rushes in the morning, especially trying to get JH out of bed :P, the candy store <3 <3 <3 , and the Prudential Centre. Ahhh, Prudential Centre... Also playing the alphabet game with LH, JH, and T...

LH and I showing up at JH's place on her birthday, at 12:30, and she was still in bed.

JH's WoW addiction.

The burning party.

Pirates of the Caribbean! And stealing S.'s rolos, har har har.

Chem: dance parties, ecstasy addictions, and fiestas!

Mr Gilbert: And then he DIED.

Math League. Team Boisterousisnessism = the best. Too bad it was only CZ and I for provs.

Sr. Francis Drake is Glooscap, but he's also Sir Francis Bacon's father, and of course the Queen was his mother, but Sir Francis Bacon was really Shakespeare, and he buried his manuscripts on Oak Island along with the Emerald tablets of Thoth, the Ark of the Covenant, the Holy Grail, and pretty well any thing else you can think of. Even the kitchen sink. Ahhh, I.A.s...


The candy dance.

Well, that covers most of it. Lots of good times, I wouldn't trade them for anything, and I love you all.

Friday, 6 July 2007

Where is the Love?

A 13-year-old girl convinces her 23-year-old boyfriend to kill her parents. She stabs her own little brother in the process. She agrees to marry the boyfriend, then blames it all on him in court.

A 3-year-old girl has part of her lip bitten off by her mother's boyfriend, and her ears have been beaten to the point where they will be permanently mutilated. The boyfriend has abused the girl before, but the mother never spoke out.

A man's dinner guest finds his wife and step-son dead in his deep freeze.

Seven more dead in blast in Afghanistan.

Another case of 'friendly' fire.

A Prime Minister who believes that maintaining an offensive position in the war is still the best plan.

The same PM childishly snubs a premier who's dared to disagree with him.

A gun threat and a bomb scare within six months of one another, at a rural high school ranked third on MacLean's list of the best Canadian high schools in 2005. During this time, a gun threat at another small town high school two km away, and a bomb scare at an elementary/junior high school in the same area.

And we're worried about the environment?

Don't get me wrong. I understand the threat of global warming and realize that it's a danger. Anyone who says otherwise (and those who already know) can go check out this video:

But still. Why are the Live Earth concerts getting so much more promotion and media coverage than the Live Eight concerts did? Saving the environment is more important than making poverty history? It somehow doesn't seem right.

Why don't we deal with people? Solve people problems first, worry about the environment once we've learned to get along?

Sometimes I think maybe it would be best if we just let global warming happen and everyone die.

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Getting Better

Okay, since my last post was a little self-critical.. I mean, it's all for the best, but it is admitting that I'm not so great right now... anyway, today I'm going to reflect and determine things that I've already gotten better at.

1. Public Speaking. Case in point - invocation speech. I was speaking in front of 2000+ people. Previously, I would have been pissing myself. At grad, I walked very calmlyl to the stage and didn't feel the least bit nervous to have everyone looking at me. I didn't get thrown off until I started talking - the delay between my voice speaking and my voice over the sound system realllly freaked me out. But hey, if it hadn't been for silly microphones and sound systems, I would have done fine.

2. Self Criticism. Yes, I can look at myself and pick out some flaws and figure out what I need to work on, but I'm no longer really hard on myself. I used to go to music festival, play less than perfect, and bawl my eyes out later because I was horrible. This year, I went to music festival, played less than perfect, and let it go. I've also gotten to the point where I will admit that my writing is good, and sometimes I'll even agree when people say that I'm pretty.

Okay, so, those are the only ones I can think of right now, but, hey, that's still pretty good, I say. I'm so awesome.

Anyway, yesterday I managed to lock my keys in my car. I have no experienced every minor car disaster I'm aware of - dead battery x2, flat tire, ran out of gas, and locked the keys in the car. I'm starting to think that maybe I'm just careless and need to pay a little more attention to what I'm doing. I mean, the tire wasn't my fault, it just went flat while I was in Big Red's, and the first time the battery died it was because no one had bothered to explain to me about the different acc. modes. But still. It's pretty awful. I managed to get back in the car, though, without needing to be rescued. Luckily, I had left the window open a bit to let the air circulate. I found a long thin stick and pressed the unlock button. While I'm glad I got back in, it's kind of worrysome that anyone else could have done that too...

Monday, 2 July 2007


Soo, yesterday I hung out with AS and SG for Canada Day. We had a sweet time, and I made some realizations about myself and my life. I've come up with a list of goals that I'm going to try to work towards.

1. Be a better blogger. I'm very bad at this, really. I tend to give a big overview of everything that happened. I need to concentrate on one thing and give detail and opinions. That would be way more interesting than "I did this, this, and this." And since blogging is a form of writing and I want to write for a living... good goal.

2. Physical Shape-up. I am in very bad shape, really. I'm not fat, but I'm weak and I'm just not fit, like, cardiovascularly, I get tired and out of breath really easily. I want to work out and build up some muscles. I've said this plenty of times before, but SG was talking about it too, and we've already agreed to swim laps and go to the gym together next year. So I think if someone else is doing it too, I'll be more likely to stick with it. I would also like to spend time outside and get a tan. By the end of the summer, if I'm not ashamed to wear shorts, I will be happy.

3. Mental Shape-up. There are two parts to this:

a) Positivity. I've already been working on this one, but I need to keep going. I still haven't gotten over imagining worst-case scenarios, and getting upset when things just don't work out. I've also stil got a way to go with the whole believing in myself part of being positive. So, think positive!

b) Live in the Now. This is something that I started coming in contact with last summer at yoga, but yesterday at Dairy Queen we ran into Norm and he started taking about it too. I've kind of already stopped having regrets about the past, but I really need to stop worrying about the future. I do that way to much to just slow down and have fun.

4. Writing. I need to do way more of it. This last year, the only times I've written were for ScriptFrenzy, or when I needed something for a contest. And occasionally role-playing. I need to start writing more, all the time, if I'm going to keep improving.

5. Emotional Consideration. I would like to be more considerate of other people's feelings. I mean, not that I'm completely apathetic or anything, just I often have automatci responses that are insults, and sometimes I snap at people when I don't mean to. I just want to be able to control that, to avoid hurting people's feelings when I didn't even mean what I said.

That's it. Love.