Friday, 27 July 2007

For the Birds, Part 3 - The Duck

Okay, so I've seen lots of ducks in my life, and many of them were very nice ducks, I'm sure, but this one was special.

It was last summer, the day I found out about AH cheating on me. I was extremely upset, and AS took me out to take my mind off things. I don't remember anything we did, except her giving me her kitty ears, and going to the duck pond. I did not want to go home and face the long hours of lying awake in bed, so I insisted on staying out for a while longer, even though it was late and everything was closed. We went to our last refuge, the duck pond.

There was one solitary duck at the pond that night. It was sound asleep, and of course we couldn't leave it be. So we stood there with our loaf of bread, and threw pretty much the whole thing out to this one duck, a bit at a time. The duck hardly woke up, it just quacked grouchily and went back to sleep.

The duck was missing out on the good things around it because it just didn't care. I realized that what I'd been wishing all day, to stop feeling, to sop caring, was not what I wanted at all . I would be missing out on all the good things around me.

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