Saturday, 28 July 2007

Gnomish Poetry

Awake, awake, for now's the time
Wake up, wake up, and dance with me
The sun has set, the moon is out
So dance! my gnomish family

Free yourselves of your stone cages
Leave them behind 'til morning's light
No solemn gargoyles are we
But the laughing gnomes of the night

Long years ago, we got involved
In sad affairs, a human fight
Our one mistake, to take a side
'Twas the cause of our sorry plight

The humans had a sorceror
Mighty in the ways of magic
He laid a curse on all gnomekind
The results of which were tragic

We became as statues of stone
Frozen in place one thousand years
We could not move, we could not dance
Our merry laughter turned to tears

But now the curse has expired
And once again we roam the land
Kick up your heels, throw off your chains
And dance together, hand in hand!

So, I'm thinking I might submit this to the Poetry Institute's all ages contest. It probably won't win, but it might at least get published. I like to think it's charming. It still needs a lot of work, of course, but I'll have plenty of time for that in the next 12 days. *eye roll*

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