Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Memories of the High School Years

These are the things I never want to forget, so I will preserve them here for all eternity. Err... something like that.


The first day of school, when SG and I were standing in the lobby by ourselves because we got there early, and there was this other group of people there who kept looking at us weird.

The day I stole MZ's hat and he chased after me and his pants fell down. Then he laid on the ground flailing around for a while trying to pull them up.

The day we were running around in the rain and SG fell and slid all the way down the hill.

Writing letters back and forth to LE between my History class and her homeroom.

History class.

Pre-IB science, Mr. Josephson was rearranging an equation on the bored, and he ended up with Ee = whatever. Then he said, "So on this side, we've got e, e... Eeeeee!" I can't believe no one else remembers that.

Watching Ludovic in French class, when the goose got its head stuck in the fence and everyone laughed but I almost cried.

PAL class with RW, always playing on the crash mats.

The random day I was hanging out in Ms. Douwsma's room with GV and Ms. Douwsma played the Schnoppy song. Schnee Schni Schnoppy, Schnoppy schnoppy schnoppy...

That sweet plan SG and I had to get back at that man-whore LC... where I flirted with him for like two weeks and then I was going to run off with RB... except it didn't work because that stupid Ash. told him at the last second...

Winter carnival, when I was helping SG get something out of her hair and Ash. came running over and grabbed my arm and started shaking it, and I told her to fuck off.

That time that SG and I went to a Centre dance, and we were all sitting on that table in the hallway, and some dude came over and asked what kind of music we listened to. SG said "Nine Inch Nails" and then he was like "That's it? You only listen to one band?"

SE preaching to us, and MZ would always make fun of him... and how he humped churches and drove a floating holy cross and had a holy cow...

MZ's stupid phrases, like "Cat basket ovulation stick."

SG went out with MZ. HAHAHA.

That time we went on a Mish to the graveyard, and we were sitting in Tim Horton's with MZ for like three hours while we waited for Loopy to show up, and every time he said something we'd start laughing... and when he asked why we'd say "Nothing!" and it drove him crazy.

Calling RB 'Ross Farm.'

That whole big fiasco between AC/A/MZ/AT and I was caught in the middle and it was all like, wo. Major drama sesh. Boys are so dumb, hahaha.

One day in music class...
CRC: We're playing Rio Con Brio in the concert?
Mr. MacConnell: Yes. In fact, that's all we're playing, we're just going to repeat it three times. (He starts counting in)
AB: And the next one's 'Rio CON Brio'
And then ZM and T. and I laughed through the entire song, and we kept thinking that we'd stopped, so we started playing, but then we'd laugh again and it would make a horrible honking sound.

Randomly playing 'Shaft' after every band concert.

Women's Wellness Day. Definitely the best.

Rainbow Day!, the holiday that BC and I invented. And... kind of haven't celbrated it since then.


Playing sardines on Extreme Day.

The Extreme Day dance, when SG slapped RB.

Beach Day! Definitely a sweet time, what with the Franz Ferdinand and the stupid whale and the Incas and the..time-warp tunnel or whatever we called it.

The horrible murder mystery party over march break. So disappointing!

The tea party that SG and I had when she called me a whore and pushed me on the floor and I laid there laughing for an hour.

History seminars, makeing trench videos with T., CC, and JH. (Kassiviris!) And spending like three hours just trying to figure out those stupid bridges.

When we had to make our own version of 'Digging', and we made 'Burning'. "My father, burning"


Stay in School for School, yelling at AT in an old hag voice.

Band trip... buying a whole tube of cookie dough to eat in our room... sitting with LH on the bus even though we barely knew each other... listening to Teitur in our room...

Staying up late with TM, waiting for to finish counting down.

AS's birthday party. You know what I mean.

My birthday party, when TM ran off into the field with the chair, and whatnot.


Pirate party!

Extreme day, going to Sobey's to buy a cake! That was a good cake...

Extreme day, F. being a whore, causing TM and I to make emo pictures and discuss how much we wanted to key her.

Stay in School for School. What's not to like?

Watching Prison Break with AF and LH... <3 Especially the end of the first season, when AF and I were freaking out... "Hurry, hurry, go, NOO, fat kid, stay there, don't do it, no... HURRY!" :)

BOSTON! Zillions of hours on the bus with Laura, big rushes in the morning, especially trying to get JH out of bed :P, the candy store <3 <3 <3 , and the Prudential Centre. Ahhh, Prudential Centre... Also playing the alphabet game with LH, JH, and T...

LH and I showing up at JH's place on her birthday, at 12:30, and she was still in bed.

JH's WoW addiction.

The burning party.

Pirates of the Caribbean! And stealing S.'s rolos, har har har.

Chem: dance parties, ecstasy addictions, and fiestas!

Mr Gilbert: And then he DIED.

Math League. Team Boisterousisnessism = the best. Too bad it was only CZ and I for provs.

Sr. Francis Drake is Glooscap, but he's also Sir Francis Bacon's father, and of course the Queen was his mother, but Sir Francis Bacon was really Shakespeare, and he buried his manuscripts on Oak Island along with the Emerald tablets of Thoth, the Ark of the Covenant, the Holy Grail, and pretty well any thing else you can think of. Even the kitchen sink. Ahhh, I.A.s...


The candy dance.

Well, that covers most of it. Lots of good times, I wouldn't trade them for anything, and I love you all.

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