Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Of Thises and Thatses

Okay, so, Deathly Hallows is officially amazing. I read the entire book on Saturday, and oh. my. goodness. It was perfect, it was everything you could possibly want it to be. The only bad thing about it is that it's the last one. The midnight party was sweet too. My team totally won the Triwizard Tournament, and only because AS and I made a mad dash up the stairs at the last second to find the missing clue. It was fun. I loved everything. I mean, it was Harry Potter, it was at King's, I was with AS... how could I not be happy?

My vest is coming along loverly. I've finished the back and gotten started on the front. There hasn't been much time to work on it lately though because I'm either too tired or too busy to spend time on it. We've all been working hard to get ready to move. The house is ours on Friday, and my dad's taking the next two weeks off. We have to fix the flooring in pretty much the entire upstairs, and there's some work that needs to be done in the downstairs. We plan to be completely out of the old house by August 12th. It all seems so crazy.. I barely remember the Middle Lahave or Bridgewater houses, so it kind of seems like I've lived there my entire life. And it will also be strange coming home for the holidays because I won't really be going home. But it's still exciting, going to live somewhere clean and nice and fresh. And the deck, I'm excited for the deck... definitely going to have a big deck party before going to university.

And ST comes home soon <3<3<3 ^_^ I haven't seen her in so long... and it's good timing too, she'll be home for civic holiday, which means everyone will have the day off, so hopefully there will be some sort of big magical everyone together hang out time. I would like that.

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