Thursday, 12 July 2007


I forgot one thing on that list. I'm also supposed to make a little booklet for my parents to explain all the computer things that they always forget how to do... downloading music, uploading it to their mp3 players, burning CDs, etc.

So, I finally got my room assignment. I am super-pumped! A) I'm in the bays! B) I'm in North Pole Bay, which is just a sweet name. C) It's the one that has laundry/lounges/kitchenette. My roommate's name is ML. I've got her contact information, but I haven't figured out what to say to her, so I haven't gotten in touch yet. Oh dear.

I want a blog buddy. Someone to... talk to, and stuff. I would even go for multiple blog buddies. I guess if I want them I've got to get out there and comment on other people's blogs.

I'm soooo tired....

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