Saturday, 8 September 2007

University Week One

Well, here I am at King's. I moved in last Saturday, so it has been one week already. It certainly does not seem like that long already. So, here's how things went, more or less:

Saturday: Arrived here, so nervous that I felt sick. Got moved in, met my roommate ML, once everything was fine I felt better. Heard the orientation spiel, and then went to a pizza and beer party with my frosh group, where I met J. and B. Came back, went to the Frisky Biscuit concert, got cut off from the people I "knew", came back to my room.

Sunday: Sex talk in the morning; pretty much hilarious. Quad Olympics, also hilarious... a great time, especially the synchronized swimming, and our group cheer. Bay meeting in the evening, which was lovely, getting to meet everyone. Our don, HR, is really nice... apparently the best don to have. Then I hung out with all the girls on our floor, then went out to the ghost tour. The guy telling the stories wasn't very good, but the stories were interesting enough.

Monday: Really boring talk on tradition at King's by Dr. Hankey, who seems to be very pompous. Photo Scavenger hunt in the afternoon, which was kind of lame, but it was just a good afternoon of hanging out with the frosh group and exploring the city. Then my parents came, because mom hadn't seen my room yet, and we went out to supper. After that was the fiesta, which was pretty lame because it was mostly just the upper years getting drunk.

Tuesday: Beach Day that I didn't go to. I bought some more of my books, got half of my student loan papers ready, got my cell phone number changed, took my laptop to the Computer Help Desk for the first time. The Gong Show in the evening, which was pretty good. I came back early with CK and ended up talking to my parents on the phone.

Wednesday: First FYP classes! Oh man. They were so good. The lecture was like... friggin intense. In a good way. Amazing, absolutely. I can't believe I have a whole year of this ahead of me. I am definitely definitely excited. The tutorial is good too. It's just group discussions, but more like Pre-IB History than ToK, which is goodgoodgood. I went to the capture the flag game in the afternoon, I spent most of the time in jail, but I was helping to move the jail... and my team won anyway, w00t w00t. After that I talked to GC for a few minutes, and then talked to some guys for a while. I went out to Maritime Night, but everyone ditched me, so I came back to the room at 10:30 and went to bed crying. S. called at 10:45, and then he came over and stayed until midnight, so that was nice.

Thursday: FYP Classes in the morning again, very good again. Society day after lunch... I signed up for 7 of them: The Inkwell (creative writing), King's Theatre Society, PRIDE (GSA), The Haliburton Society (Literary), Music, Handcrafts, and the Dance Collective. I went back to the Computer Help Desk and found out that the problem was actually with my network cord. There was Casino Night in the evening, which was surprisingly really fun! Everyone dressed up all fancy, and there were games that you could play without needing any skill! I spent most of the night betting on the horse races, but damn number 2 never won.

Friday: More FYP classes. We got the essay question sheet for our first essay... some pretty intense questions there! It's more like a ToK essay though, where you just discuss it, rather than a history or english essay where you have to prove something, and since I'm definitely better at this kind (As evidenced by my ToK A and EE C...), that is good. AH came over after lunch and we hung out for a while, then I had French class... so, so, so intense. The teacher definitely talked way too fast for someone who has not been exposed to french for four months to follow completely. *Sigh* Oh well, I'm sure I'll get used to it. When I came back, maintenance had come and replaced my network cable, so my internets were working. I signed on, and GV asked me to go hang out with her, so I did. Came back for supper and the "Frosh Play", which was hilarious, and then got a call from GV saying that AS was up for the night and we should hang out. So I went back over to GV's, drank some Margueritas and ate some cookie dough, then came back for the midnight movie, which was way hilarious to my drunken self. Yay.

Today: I slept in 'til 10:30, and didn't leave the room until 12, which was very nice. I had a shower and went down to lunch, then went out to the "Charity Event." This involved canvassing door-to-door to raise funds for St. Joseph Secondary School. I was the only frosh to show up from my group, but my frosh leaders are cool, so it was fine. We made about 50-60 dollars, which is sweet! Later tonight is the 80s dance party, which should be fun.

Anyway, as you can tell, I'm sure, I've been having a lovely time here, and now that I have internets again, I will be making updates more often, I promise.