Friday, 12 October 2007

In Rainbows, and school.

In Rainbows is the most amazing thing to happen to me in the past, I don't know, like, eight months or more. Like, seriously. I had never listened to Radiohead before, but JD who lives in my res is, like, uber-obsessed with them. Last night he made me listen to "Videotape". I was hooked, I HAD to have this album. This is why music is written. This is the sole purpose. Ever. It gives me shivers. It's been a long time since any external music has done that to me.

Anyway. I have to say, I'm feeling pretty overwhelmed right now. I've barely started my FYP essay due this Monday, plus the readings for next week are pretty intense. I have my French midterm on Friday, and I don't even have the French story I'm supposed to read for Monday. Whatever. I'll get through it. And hey, if not, that's life, right? I've got to learn to worry less, right? Because all this stress isn't good for me... right?

On the bright side, I'm actually enjoying tutorial now. Change of tutor made a huge difference. DanBran is god. Pretty much. He actually, like, explains stuff. And keeps the obnoxious idiots on track. It's excellent.

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