Saturday, 24 November 2007

Christmas Home-Sickness

So, I went to the Craft Fair over at the DalPlex today with JS, which was kind of weird. See, what happened was that she casually mentioned it to RC, who decided that they were definitely going, and convinced me to go to, and then when we got there, she remembered that she hated Christmas and that she had to go do some errands, and decided not to come. Whatever. It was fine, just that JS and I are both very quiet and indecisive, so we ended up wandering around aimlessly for half an hour and then leaving.

Half an hour was more than long enough, however, to make me extremely homesick. Which was weird, because it was just a craft show. Mom and I always went to the one in Lunenburg together, but it was never a big deal, certainly not something that I associated with being an important part of the Christmas tradition. But just being there, with the music and the booths and everything... it really got to me. It seemed like home. Right down to booths from Amos Pewter and Ms. Vickers' company.

Even more, it made me realize that I actually want to go home way more than I was aware. I mean, yes, I love it here, and I'm having a great time, but it will be nice to be there for Christmas. I've been saying that I'll probably get bored after a couple weeks and be ready to come back, but I realized today that isn't true at all. That will probably happen when I go home for summer, but Christmas? Boring? At our house? No way! When I really think of it, having only two weeks to bake Christmas cookies and decorate and listen to Christmas music is not nearly enough! And they'll probably already have the tree up and decorated before I get there, which is a little sad.

Ah well. At least the Christmas festivities here are getting started up, so hopefully that will make up for it a little. If I'm going to have to miss out on old traditions, at least there will be new ones to take their place. And speaking of old traditions, I must remember to ask Mand co. about caroling this year. I'll be pretty sassed if we don't go.

I never want to spend Christmas away from home.

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