Sunday, 11 November 2007

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

People are so weird. I'm not sure I will ever understand people. EVER. Seriously.

But anyway.

FIRST SNOW YESTERDAY! I always find it weird when it starts snowing and I get excited. I hate winter. It is cold and wet, neither of which I enjoy. And I'm not sure where fall went this year... I feel like I missed it entirely. It's odd. But there's just something special about the first snow, even if it is kind of slushy. I celebrated by listening to Christmas music and drinking hot chocolate. Oh, and we watched The Nightmare Before Christmas. And then I reminisced back to the days when SG and LE and I would watch Christmas movies in November, and it always snowed the next day, and we would go walking in it for ridiculous amounts of time and come back and put on dry clothes and cuddle up in blankets or huddle by the woodstove and just talk...

I miss that. Also the traditional watching of Hocus Pocus. Gosh.

We also made sushi yesterday. Not *real* sushi, just California rolls, but they were very delicious. I had never had sushi of any kind before, and it was surprisingly good. And lots of fun, too. :)

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