Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Long Weekend Shenanigans

Alright, so some of this is a repeat from last post, but I somehow feel the need to tell the whole story...

(Also, I'm editing my entire blog to take out people's names - I decided it's okay to put myself all over the internet, but I don't have the right to do it to them. Everyone is now being called by their initials. If I come to a conflict, I will make a nickname for someone. Maybe eventually I'll come up with fun nicknames for everyone.)

Friday. I woke up and laid on my bed for an hour and a half going over everything for the midterm in my head. Went down to breakfast, then had another hour or so of studying in my room. The actual midterm was ridiculously easy. I finished the entire thing in less than half an hour, but there were six quotes that I just had no idea what they were from, so I spent the entire rest of the time agonizing over those.

After that, there was some downtime and lunch, then off to French class. Our presentation went surprisingly well, considering we had pulled everything together since Wednesday. And considering one group member did absolutely nothing.

Anyway. So nothing much else happened until evening, at which point MM, DC, AB, TD, PM, MW, and eventually JD came over to my room and we drank (If you pay close attention to the rest of the post, you will see that this is a common theme for the weekend). It was a good night, although a little slow, since we somehow ended up watching YouTube videos for a ridiculous amount of time. Although MW did teach us the words to the frog song. We also called CH and left drunk messages on his answering machine. Sigh. This doesn't sound like a big deal, but there was that time last week when everyone decided that I was in love with CH and that was all they were going to talk about for an entire meal and I ended up crying over it... I've changed my mind since then and just laugh and go along with it, but I still find it awkward that we call him drunkenly three times a night and leave messages saying that we love him and/or want his body.

Saturday. Got up, went to breakfast, and then went shopping for sushi supplies with TD, RC, and LG. We went to the asian food store, but they weren't open yet, so we went to Save Easy first, then Planet Organic, then the asian food store, then back to Planet Organic... I had no idea how much was involved with sushi. So we came back to King's and made the sushi. When I came out of Alex Hall at 3, it was snowing! This would have been even more exciting if I hadn't been in flip flops, but whatever.

So I went inside and downloaded a bunch of Christmas music, and then MM, AB, and DC came over for a reading party and hot chocolate. And by reading, I mean not really reading at all. And TD showed up after a while, and we all went to dinner. In the evening, we watched The Nightmare Before Christmas and then everyone came to my room, and we drank. More drunk calling of CH. Also visiting ES at work... fun times.

Sunday. I got up, went to breakfast, read ten pages, then wasted a few hours til lunch. After lunch, I read ten more pages, and fell asleep for two and a half hours. I woke up, read a few more pages, and went to supper. I am THAT awesome. After supper, we went to MM's room and started discussing the D&D game. Then, now this one's crazy, watch how we switch it up... we went to ES's room and drank! Shocking. That ended badly. Not going to go into details, because really, I'm not sure that what happened was any of my business. But AB, TD and I ended up in my room sitting in awkward silence for about 45 minutes. Not fun. Things still aren't great.

Monday. I went to breakfast at 8:30, had a shower, then hid in my room doing work until supper. After supper, we hung out in AB's room for a bit, then we came to my room and drank. Exciting day.

Tuesday. Lazed around for the early morning, then went and had 'brunch' with RC and JS. Brunch turned out to be miso soup with carrots, celery, tofu, celantro, green onions, etc.; soba noodles; avocado; cucumber; and elderflower water. For dessert we had carmelized apples and mango. Oh, how I do love real food. So wonderful. Anyhow. What I expect for the rest of the day is to finish the reading for tomorrow and hopefully get some real work done on my essay. Goodness gracious. I just don't want the weekend to be over... four days is not enough!

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