Saturday, 8 December 2007

Going Home...

So it's official. Tomorrow morning at ten o'clock I will be waving good bye to King's as I head home for Christmas break. I have suched mixed feelings on this whole deal. In some ways, I'm really excited to go home, but in other ways I just want to stay here forever. I mean, looking at this realistically, I only lived in the house for three weeks, and I've lived here for over three months now. King's is far more of a home to me than Chester Basin. On the other hand, though, what makes a home is the people, and in Chester Basin I'll have my family, which is what's important. Anyway, I'm lazy, so I'm just going to make lists.

Things that will be good about going home and things I won't miss about King's...

Seeing mom, dad, friends, and pets.
Good food, no Sodexho!
A real shower, and a bathtub!
Having time to relax, not writing essays!
I won't miss the drunken parties in my room which invariably lead to there being a big mess that I have to clean up in the morning and then end up being grouchy about it.
I won't miss all the drama.
I won't miss the snobby people.
I'll be out of the city! Yay!

Things that will suck about going home and things I will miss about King's...

I will miss all my excellent King's friends. <3
I will miss getting excited about everything - dinner time, door, paper clip, Galileo, etc...
Tomorrow, within an hour of getting home, all my relatives will be showing up for a family Christmas party. Not that there's anything wrong with that, just I would prefer to have some time to unpack and unwind and talk to my parents before I have the whole clan shoved down my throat.
I have to sleep on the couch all month.
I will miss having people around 24/7 to prevent boredom.

That's pretty much it. This is all so weird and bittersweet, but I'm sure once I get home I'll enjoy it perfectly fine. Really.

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