Thursday, 27 December 2007

I've decided that my friends pretty much suck.

I'm just sick of trying to find time to see them... I mean, I have plenty of time to see them, I've been home for two and a half week and haven't been doing anything else... but their version of "making plans" really sucks.

TM and I had caroling planned pretty much a month ago, and then the day before, a bunch of people who had been invited decided "let's go to Halifax and see Sweeney Todd instead!" Not only did they not come caroling, I also didn't get to go see Sweeney Todd with them.

So then we were talking about "we should go skating sometime soon"... and CC was all "oh, we can do it at my house, after Christmas would work well"... and the next morning there's an invitation on Facebook to go skating that night. I, of course, can't get transportation on short notice. Sigh.

And now New Year's. I guess we're not invited for the night? And I can't drive past midnight, sooo, I'm kind of screwed on that one. I was thinking that I could at least go, and just leave at 11:30 or whatever, which would be lame, but I would get to see everyone, which was the important thing... but then I looked at the guest list and saw that of the invitees, there were:

4 people that live within a 10 minute walk of King's and I can see whenever I want
2 people I don't like
1 person that I am indifferent to
2 that almost definitely won't go
1 that I want to see, but will be spending all day Jan. 2nd with, so it doesn't really matter if I see her on New Year's, and she was talking about not going anyway
1 that I like, but am not particularly close with and have already seen twice since I've been home, so it's okay if I don't see her again
1 that I actually want to see and might not have another chance to over the break

Woo, incentive to go? So I was going to see if my other friends wanted to do anything, but then realized that TM is going to DR's party, SG is spending it with her s/o, LE will probably be doing something with A., GV and AH are still in the city... so that pretty much just leaves me and AS. And of course, she, being of legal age and all, is quite possibly going out to a bar or something.


I could always stay home by myself and have the bestest party ever. EVER. And everyone else will be jealous that they won't be here. Yeah.

Whatever, at least I get to see LH and AF for Prison Break soon. :)

In a way, I kind of just want to cut some of these people out of my life completely, because then I won't won't have to miss them or be upset about it when their idea of "making plans to see each other over the break" turns out to be a bunch of bull.

Of course, I won't actually. I love them too much. :)

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