Monday, 17 December 2007

Thank you, two.

(Ooo, clever title. See what I did there? Haha.)

I'm done. Yay. Here's what I came up with:

"Dear Board of Governors:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for providing scholarship funding for students. My entrance scholarship was named as a Board of Governors’ Scholarship this year, and I want to express my appreciation for this generous donation. This scholarship has allowed me to attend the University of King’s College at a much smaller expense than it would have been otherwise. For several years, I have wished to attend King’s, and so being not just accepted, but given the largest available scholarship is indeed a wonderful gift. Although ideally we would decide which university to attend based solely on its merits, unfortunately money must of necessity play an important role in the decision, and I would like to thank you for allowing me to make the decision as I wanted to, and come to the university which I was most attracted to. Furthermore, the recognition of my abilities and worthiness which accompanies the monetary donation is fully appreciated as well.
Once again, thank you for this kind donation, and I can only hope that this funding will continue to be made available to future students, and that they will appreciate it as much as I do.


"Dear Sodexho staff:
The residents of North Pole Bay would like to express their gratitude to all of you for the wonderful service that you provide. We appreciate the amount of work that you do to cook for us and to clean up for us at each meal, saving us from having to do that work ourselves, and thus allowing us more time for studying and other activities.
Especially, we would like to thank you for listening to and acting upon student suggestions. This endeavour to make the eating experience as comfortable and enjoyable as possible for every student is greatly appreciated.
Also, we would like to thank you for the many extra hours that you put into formal meals and the special Christmas meals. These are always delicious and enjoyable to all of the students, and we would like to recognize and thank you for the considerable extra effort on your part.
Once again, thank you all so much for everything you do.
North Pole Bay"

"Dear cleaning staff:
The residents of North Pole Bay would like to thank all of you for maintaining a clean and healthy living environment in both our residence and all of campus. You are often behind the scenes, nearly invisible to us, and since we do not get the chance to thank you in person, we have chosen to write this letter of gratitude to you.
We are extremely grateful for all of the work that you do in cleaning up after us. We are not the neatest bunch, and often make unnecessary mess in the hallways and bathrooms, which you always have to clean up. This is greatly appreciated by all of us.
Thank you all very much for your hard work!
North Pole Bay"

They're not brilliant, but I think they'll do. The first one is the only one that has to be really good, I'm less worried about the other two; I'm sure those poor under-appreciated Sodexho/cleaning people will be pleased to get any thanks at all from us ungrateful wretches of university students. Although I do feel bad that the cleaning staff one is so much shorter, but i just could not come up with anything else to say.

(Five posts in less than twenty-four hours, three of those in the past, what was it, two hours? Can you tell how bored I am?)

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