Tuesday, 15 January 2008


What happens when one drunk person shows up in the room of one sober but incredibly hyper person...

Me: Oh God, it's all over me! It's in my EYES, it buuuurrrrnnnnssss.... Oh god, it's EVERYWHERE! It's on my laptop!
J: Except for the last part, that's what she said!
Me: *Collapses on bed laughing*
J: Get it? Semen.

J: I kind of want to give her my e-mail, but it would be weird because a) I don't know her, b) she's kind of pretty, and c) I don't know her..

Me: *puts a blanket over my head and waves my arms around* It's a ghoooooooost!!!
J: Phantom Marg? Oh, no... what the fuck is wrong with you?

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