Thursday, 3 January 2008


After a long hiatus (okay, four months), I finally got back to knitting. Yay! Not only is it fun, productive, and relaxing, it's also a good Stay-Awake-In-Lecture aid. All around good deal. Set-backs on the knitting front were that I couldn't finish my vest without help and didn't have LH or mom to help me. Also, I had no yarn to start a new project, and you wouldn't believe what we went through to find a store that sold yarn within walking distance of King's...

Anyway, I finally got some new yarn and started knitting this scarf according to the pattern found here. I had never cabled before and decided to learn, and as it turns out, it's super easy. And pretty. Yay!

This was meant to be a Christmas present for a certain knitter friend, but it's looking less and less likely all the time that I'm actually going to get to see her over the break, so I might just end up keeping it.

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