Tuesday, 15 January 2008

This is bad, but...

...keep in mind that it's about a pylon.

You sit silently in the windowsill
A splash of morning colour to greet me
In a world of grey and whiter, calm and still
Last night's snow has blanketed you neatly.
You stand defiant, a challenge to all
Completely out of place, yet somehow right
Not quiet and complacent, you stand tall
A sentinel to guard us through the night.
You are a symbol of the positive
A reminder that not all is dreary
Ample refreshment for my will to live
When the world has made me far too weary.
You say not "good morning," for you are dumb
But greet me for many mornings to come.

Yup. First bit of creative writing I manage to scrape out for months, and it's about a pylon... a fucking PYLON.

'Sup with that?

I guess it's better than nothing, and seriously, I'll probably take a picture of it tomorrow sometime and maybe do something artsy with this. 'Cause I'm lame like that. :)

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