Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Yeah, I know I promised real posts, but haven't had the time and am too tired now, but, these need to be documented:

"There's a democratic debate tonight, 9 o'clock, Canadian Time!"

DanBran: So say you see a chicken, and a corn on the cob... no no no, this is a bad example... that's a terrible example! Surely I can do better than that... Okay, let's say you saw a horse and a...
AGT: Narwhal?
DanBran: A what??
AGT: A narwhal.
DanBran: What the hell is that?

French Prof: Who can tell me who Luther and Mirabeau are?
Girl: *puts up her hand before he finishes asking the question, and says with a know-it-all expression* Well, Luther was a priest.
Prof: Just a priest? A regular run-of-the-mill priest? Nothing special about him?
Girl: Ummm... yeah.

The only thing funnier than stupid people is stupid people who think they're smart. Seriously though, I've definitely known who Luther was since at least grade 10, if not before. This is a second-year university course, for heaven's sake! That's ridiculous.

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