Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Another thing to add to my list of favourite things:

The view coming into Lunenburg, especially on cold winter mornings like this one. The hills were covered in frost and pale, pale green, the trees are bare and grey, with patches of white snow, and right in the middle of the sky line is the shape of the academy. And behind all this, injecting some colour, life, and imagination into the scene, the morning sky is a light pink.

I can't believe how lucky I am to live in such a beautful place. That being said though, I feel the need more and more lately to get out and see the world.

Which reminds me - maybe going to Montreal for a few days over reading week. Woo! Not getting my hopes up too much, because I don't want a repeat of last March break. Everyone else was going to Europe and New York and Mexico and all sorts of exciting places. I was at least supposed to go to Ottawa, but that sooo didn't end up happening. And then mom wouldn't even let me take Ms. Aliphat's suggestion and do something fun with my hair. *sigh* Worst week ever. Anyway. Hopefully things will work out better this time around.

As a side note, driving while it hurts to move one arm is really fun. Probably incredibly safe, too.

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