Thursday, 28 February 2008

I've realised what's wrong with my life. Seriously. I've figured out why I'm soooo freaking bored, ALL the time. I'm missing extracurricular activities. I mean, in high school, my free time (= total time - school - work - sleep) was mostly spent on extracurricular stuff, then homework, then socializing. And at King's... well, that list would be exactly inverted. I used to have band at lunch three times a week and after school once a week, GSA and/or YSJ and/or Prom Committee at lunch once a week, piano one evening a week, writing club one lunch or after school a week, and kickboxing twice a week. And now... nothing. Kind of weird, considering that I signed up for like 7 things on society day during frosh week, and they ALL died or weren't what I expected. I think next year I will have to try harder to get involved in stuff. Surely there's got to be something interesting out there that I can do...
So, this whole exercising and being active thing really isn't going so well for me. My problem is really the fact that I'm not a gym person. It scares me, and it's not satisfying. Which, really, doesn't leave with a lot of options. It's too cold now to go outdoors, although once it warms up, I definitely plan to get out there. I miss kickboxing soo much though
I am soo lazy today. I was doing well this morning, but since lunch, ugh, I've hardly been able to convince myself to do anything. It's ridiculous.

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