Thursday, 6 March 2008

I am having SUCH a good day.

Lecture this morning was a-MAAAA-zing! Not only was at a music lecture (<3) Carmen (which is rather spectacular), but also one of those awesome lectures that does more than just summarize the reading. She tied it into everything else that was going on at the time and why it was significant and how the music related to the narrative/characters, and oh, it was just so good. It made me so happy.

The weather today is INCREDIBLE. Ok, so, it's only 4 degrees, but considering it's been freezing forever, and it rained all yesterday and was windy enough that the power went out, this is splendid. The sun is shining, and we've got one of those spectacular Nova Scotian skies that's just as blue as blue can be. I am in love with here.

I even managed to keep myself amused all afternoon. Even if it was with school work for next week, it was still better than sitting around playing number puzzles like I have been for the past two or three days. Although, I am now completely in love with (read: addicted to) hitori, hashi, hanjie, and fillomino puzzles...

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