Tuesday, 4 March 2008

I feel like I'm really bad at blogging lately. I haven't written a real entry in ages, I just keep throwing together bits of random stuff on a semi-regular basis. Anyway, no matter how terrible I think that is, I'm going to do it again. Here's a list of random stuff:

-Goal for next year: Do something during reading week.

-Goal for this week: Convince everyone to stop being lame and actually do something instead of being lame ALL THE TIME. Seriously, I don't know what's happening to the group lately, but it seems like almost every night, they either have work to do or other people to see or they just disappear. It's so frustrating. I'm bored out of my mind. I'm done all my school work for a week ahead. Geez.

-Reading 58 wikipedia articles in one night is not actually all that much fun. Shocking, eh? however, I now know all about famous historical elephants and giraffes and a whole bunch of other stuff. Like, that they have the British line of succession figured out to almost 1400 people. Why the hell would they do that? Seriously, what could ever possibly happen the 1388th person in line would have to take the throne? SERIOUSLY?

-I'm really lazy when I don't HAVE to get the work done.

-Being the only person done their essay is fun, because then everyone comes to your room to procrastinate.

-I have a job interview on Friday. I'm kind of coming to the realization that staying in Halifax for the summer is probably a stupid idea anyway though. The chances of my getting a job here that pays well enough to cancel out paying for rent/food compared to living at home for free, are not very good. And although staying in Halifax would probably be a lot more fun, realistically, I need the money more. And that, that depresses me, a lot.

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