Thursday, 27 March 2008

To Do

I'm one of those people who constantly has a to do list (or 7) on the go. I don't know, I just can't seem to remember to do things and motivate myself to do them without having it written down, so I tend to be extremely dependent on them.

The School/Important Commitment List

March 28 - French Test
- Playdate
March30 - Dance Workshop
March 31 - FYP essay due
April 1 - ScriptFrenzy starts (Still not decided whether I should do it this year or not...)
April 2 - French grammar quiz
April 4 - French paper due (6-8 pages, I haven`t even begun to think about it... *sigh*)
April 7 - French grammar quiz
April 9 - French test
April 16 - Oral exam
April 21 - Research paper due

Tomorrow's List

Shower (Not that I'm likely to forget, but because I'm likely to forget to budget the time into my schedule)
Read Heidegger
Study for French test
Start FYP essay
Start French essay
Reply to that job interview e-mail...

To Read

The Tolkien Reader (Partway through this one already, but unfortunately left it at home last weekend)
Into the Wild
Out of the Wild
Zarafa: A Giraffe's True Story (It sounds interesting... I found out about it that time in February when I spent the evening reading 58 wikipedia articles)
Battle Cry (Seeing as mom lent it to me in July or August and I have yet to pick it up... I'm sure it will be great, I just haven't had time)
Dune series (Apparently the books are actually good, and I don't really want the Dune mini-series marathon to be my only impression of them if this is true)
The George R.R. Martin series (I read half of it when I was 11 or 12... wayy too young to be reading those books, and I would like to finish them)
Forever Hero Trilogy (I've read it before, but would like to again)
The Bridge to Tarabithia (It was the first book that I can remember making me cry, it holds a special place for me)
Practical Guide to Musical Composition (Yup, on a completely different direction from everything else on this list....)

To watch

Heroes (I've only got 2 episode left in season 1...)
Dead Like Me (I never really saw the first half of the first season, and I'd like to re-watch the rest because hey, it's an awesome show)
Radio Free Roscoe (This show still makes me so happy)
A Fairy Tale
The Sword in the Stone (Probably the most forgotten Disney movie ever... I haven't seen it since I was very young and don't really remember that much about it, except something about Merlin turning into a fish?)
Sleeping Beauty
The Hunchback of Notre Dame
The Brothers Grimm
Napoleon Dynamite
I'll Be There
Pokemon (shows & movies... this one could take forever)
Jurassic Park
Pride and Prejudice (I can't believe I haven't seen this yet...)

To Knit

Vest (I've only been working on it since last summer... *sigh*)
Scarf for JGBD (If only so he'll shut up)
Sweater (Yeah, three months in and I have 6 inches of one sleeve... I might finish sometime in the next 5 years)


Go shopping (My parents are making me...)
Get rid of some clothes (I have SO MANY! and quite a few that I don't wear, ever. They're in the way)
Figure out summer (aka GET A JOB)
Deal with sea monkeys (Okay, okay, I accept it, they're really dead, I'll dump out the gross water one of these days...)
Do some stuff from Learning to Love You More

And I also have a to do list of blog posts, but I won't post that.

Also, as a side note, I'm okay now... Not hurt any more, just part angry, part finding it hilarious, and part wondering where it came from.

And, I REALLY need to stop procrastinating.

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