Sunday, 30 March 2008

Whining in Short(ish) Bursts

I miss having friends who are female. Sure, guys are cool, and I certainly wouldn't trade my friends for anything... but after a whole year, it gets a little wearing. I know I get tired of girls too, but that's the kind of girls that I'm not friends with, not the kind of girls I'm used to hanging out with. I just don't understand how I've gone all this time without picking up a single friend who's actually really female. I'm sick of boy conversations and boy jokes and boy everything and BOYS. It's just getting to me, I feel like I need to get away from them and spend some good quality girl time. Geesh. I guess it's especially weird because I hung out mostly with females in high school. I mean, the art roomies had about a 2:1 ratio of girls to guys, and the IB kids were an even split. Maybe I'll just hide in my room until the end of the year... it's only 3 more weeks...

Also, I'm sick and tired of hearing about politics. Just sayin'.

I have a job interview on Tuesday. In Chester. Which means I have to go home. Again. Already. Also, that means I miss the last FYP Monday of the year (although I also missed the first one due to a doctor's appointment, so I guess this is only fitting), as well as the big water balloon fight. *sigh* I'm not even particularly interested in the job. Hmph.

And speaking of parties, I'm sick and tired of our group's version of partying. Drunken singing is fun, to a point, but when that's all you do every single time you drink... it's a little much. I miss the kind of drunk where you a) dance girlishly to the Spice Girls, b) gossip about everyone, c) have deep meaningful/personal conversations, or d) all of the above. And I guess what that boils down to, once again, is that I miss girls.

I've been having strange cravings lately for soba noodles. Also perogies... *drool*

So, this guy I know, some friends' friend, was physically assaulted last night. One of our mutual friends has this thing with the girl in the room next door to him where they bang on each others' walls and yell at one another and just generally joke around. But for some reason, last night the girl got really mad about it, and she and her friend came over to where the guys were hanging out. They took this other guy, who was not even involved, over into another room for "questioning." The guys figured the girls were joking around, and he went along with them. A while later, the rest of the guys heard screaming, and when they got the door open, they found that the girl's friend had shoved a coat hanger up the guy's nose. He bled for half an hour.
What the crap??? Who does that? Seriously. I'm really kind of terrified. And the guys didn't even tell anyone official or anything.

I wish I had more motivation. I wish I hadn't let my work ethic go down the drain these past few weeks. I wish that all the dramatic emotional shit wasn't coming together at the same time. I wish I knew what I was doing this summer. I wish I didn't have to write a French essay. I wish I had time for things like playing piano/clarinet, knitting, reading non-FYP books, writing, doing any sort of extra-curricular stuff, being involved in any of the things I used to love...

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