Sunday, 25 May 2008

Burning Party

The burning party managed to be a go last night. It was still rainy at first, so we stayed in and played board games. It cleared up before dark, so we decided to go out and give it a try. We eventually managed to get the wet wood to burn (Girls' firestarting skills are far supperior to boys' firestarting skills. Just sayin'.) We sat around the fire and bickered for a good long while (I'd forgotten how much we can bicker, at times. Especially JH and T. Oh dear.). Eventually cooked a few s'mores. And then, inevitably, there were the fireworks. Sixty dollars worth of them. Not hard to tell that T. has been living in silly Ottawa and been deprived of fireworks all year. Anyway, it was a very typically us evening, and it was lovely. It kind of felt like everything was just like it had always been, and we'd never been apart at all. Except for the utter lack of LH. I must remember to write to her...

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