Saturday, 21 June 2008

Major Happenings in the Past Week

We had our dog put down last Saturday. That was a terribly rough time for all of us. I mean, it was probably what was best for her, she was getting to be very old and sore and sick, but that doesn't really make it any easier. She is sorely missed.

A while later, I went out with mom to some plant sales. Not terribly exciting. I don't know, I enjoy looking at other people's beautiful gardens, but I have absolutely no interest in doing it myself. Anyway, the important part of this story is the beach that we discovered along the way. We didn't go down on it or anything, but from the road, you could see that it was a) sandy and b) shallow, which means that even though it's ocean, it should get WARM. I'm so stoked to try it out in another few weeks. :)

I also delivered furniture to some friends in Halifax. Delivering furniture, not so terribly exciting, but seeing friends, very lovely. I'll have to try to go up for a real visit sometime soon.

Went to last Saturday's weekly get-together. Another yucky day, so we stayed inside and played board games, again. Whatever, still fun.

Played clarinet for the first time in weeks - oh man, my face makes me sad. 15 minutes before my lips were shot. *sigh* Must play more often...

Wrote a letter to LH. Oh man, I miss her so much. I haven't seen her since Christmas, and haven't talked to her since then end of April. It's so weird, because she's my "go-to" person, the one that I talk to about everything, and now, all of a sudden, I can't talk to her. So I have no one to tell about how AM's being a DUMBFACE and I just want to kick her in her big dumb face. Gah.

Speaking of things I miss: King's. But there's a whole other post to be written about that (so expect it sometime in the relatively near future).

At work, I've finally finished palletization, so next week I start getting trained to do... something else. I'm not quite sure. Something to do with inventory.

I've started doing some character development for the story I was talking about in some post way back in May. (I would go find it, but I'm lazy. So, take that.) I'm feeling good about it, but need to put more time into it. I'm considering, once I've got my characters fleshed out some more and figured out some other things, doing a sort of NaNoWriYe. Not the crazy 50 000 word/month one that some people do, no way, one month of that is more than enough, but maybe 20 or 25 000 in a month until it's done, and then edit for the rest of the year, and see where that gets me. I've also been considering trying to get some short stories published - either in magazines or maybe online or something. I just still feel like I'm wasting my time, and I'm finally ready to do something about it.

Went out last night with friends to see Get Smart. It was actually very enjoyable, even if we were too young to know the show. Quite amusing.

This evening, those same friends are coming over. That's right, it's finally my turn to host the weekly get-together! It was supposed to be nice, so I was hoping to be able to do outside things, but now they're calling for thundershowers, so I guess it will be more boardgames. Maybe I should hook up the nintendo, or something...

And finally, tomorrow I will be celebrating my first blogiversary! But, more on that then.

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