Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Questions, Books, and Batman

Questions to explore:

1) How does a hero become a hero?

2) What happens when a pair of lovers have a conflict in their notions of love?

3) Each side is fighting for no other reason than not to lose. Can there be a winner?

These were meant to be for the novel I will be writing, but I think they might also be fore life in general. I definitely meant to be working on that novel right now, too... but I decided to blog about it instead.

Also, I bought books. I didn't mean to! I was meeting up with friends to go see Dark Knight (OH MAN. More on that in a minute), and I got there early because I went straight from work, so I wandered down to the mall to waste some time. I was like "Oh boy! I can totally go to Coles! But I'll be good, I won't buy anything. I'll just have a look around and if I see anything good, I'll remember to find it at the library." Then I actually got there... and there was a $2 table. So the little voice in my brain says "Weeeelllllll, you promised you wouldn't buy anything before you knew there was a $2 table... OHMANTHERE'STOTALLYA$2TABLE!!!" and that was the end of that. Luckily, most of what was there was bad mystery and romance, which doesn't appeal to me anyway. I did pick up three things, though: Making Love: A Conspiracy of the Heart by Marius Brill, Give Me (Songs for Lovers) by Irina Denezhkina, and Child of my Heart by Alice McDermott. I'm rather excited about all of them, actually.

Okay, Batman. It was one of those movies that, looking back on it, I loved it and think it was great. But while I was watching it, I was like "Ahh! This movie is disturbing and creepy! I'm going to cover my face while Heath Ledger sticks knives in peoples' mouths." (Okay, by "one of those movies" I mean, uh, this one, and Pan's Labyrinth. Except minus the Heath Ledger sticking knives in peoples' mouths part for Pan's, obviously. I guess I just have a problem with movies where peoples' mouths get cut?)

Anyway, that's not the point. The point is... wow. In a way, the disturbing is what made it so brilliant. It reached inside and grabbed at some of the deepest emotions and fears that anyone can have. It was terrifying, it was gut-wrenching, and it was incredible.

...I meant to write something more intelligible about this; about the psychological fears, about how the whole choosing between murdering one person and having a hospital blown up kind of reminded me of the whole Khadr situation, and what the heck is up with the world anyway... but, I don't know, I just can't pull together the energy to make them come out right. So, please, just imagine that I said something highly intelligent on the above subjects, okay?

In conclusion, I'm pretty sure I have a huge crush on Batman/Bruce Wayne/Christian Bale. Deal with it.

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