Saturday, 20 September 2008

5 a.m. is a lovely time to be alive!

Okay, a real post. Here's the lowdown on what's been going on since I got back:

Frosh Week. Really sucked. I was expecting it to be good, but then it wasn't. This is probably in part due to the fact that instead of being in a group with two friends, I was in a group with two people I barely knew. Also in part because I forgot that when you're a frosh, you want to become friends with other frosh, not with the leaders. It was a pretty bad week for me.

My room is pretty sweet. I am enjoying it a lot. I have so much space! Also, a couch. I def. love me couch, it's so cozy! And it folds out into a bed, which means that now I can force LH to come visit me. Bwahaha!

Still being in res definitely sucks, though. There's a huge divide between first-years and upper-years. And with the other upper-years, they've all already got their little groups of friends, and trying to force my way into one is a bit of a slow process. I'm getting there, though.

I feel like everything is kind of falling apart lately. With the King's friends, everyone is just growing apart... I never see anyone anymore, half the time half the people half-hate everyone else, some people are moving on to spend more time with other people... I guess that's just life, though. The state of my art roomies is somewhat more distressing to me, though. There's a huge difference between growing apart with people you've only been friends with for a year, and people you've been friends with for 4-7 years. Things are going well with the other group, though - after our amazing summer together, I don't think we'll be falling apart too soon. :)

Also, we're getting a house together next year. Well, very likely, anyway. I am pretty seriously stoked. So is LH, it's, like, all we talk about anymore. But it's going to be awwwwwesome!

Classes are good. I absolutely love French Lit, and Theories of Punishment is also pretty sweet. Structures of the Modern Self is pretty good, definitely better than I was expecting from that prof, anyway. Intensive Grammar is about as exciting as it sounds, and Business in a Global Context is pretty intense - a little overwhelming at the moment, but I'm hoping to get it under control soon.

I love my job. It is pretty seriously awesome. Incredibly easy, for one thing, with lots of down time for homework/watching Prison Break/blogging. Also, it's definitely a job which induces feelings of importance, and hey, who doesn't like feeling important? I know I do. And occasionally we do awesome things like running around on the desks and flashing the flashlight into rooms with parties.

Umm... yeah. I guess that's it-ish. Werd.

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