Saturday, 11 October 2008

I Love So Much

Things that I love today:

-Electric blankets
-Sleeping in (but not too much!)
-Non-scuzzy showers
-Not being in the city. As in, I can see trees. Lots of trees. And... they're all fall-coloured! Which is perfect.
-Fall decorations in my house. :)
-Sunshine, ocean, wind, clouds
-Bickering. And arguing. And quarreling. And squabbling. And then some more bickering.
-Picking on friends
-Secretly laughing at clueless boys
-Group photos
-Having a whole floor of a restaurant to yourself
-Stealing french fries
-Taking (not-so-)sneaky pictures of people while they're eating
-"Oom bop" dance parties (in funmobiles, of course)
-Fondue! <3
-My cat
-NASCAR announcers who accidentally say "breast awareness month" instead of "breast cancer awareness month"
-Planning visits to LH!!! <3<3<3 Just a little bit excited... okay maybe a lot :D

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