Thursday, 9 October 2008

I wish...

I wish any of my friends were the kind of people I could just call up and chat with for no other reason than because I'm bored and lonely.

I wish I didn't have so many problems to fix. Or that I at least knew how to fix them. Or, in some cases, that there was any solution.

I wish there weren't so many days that the best thing that happens is crossing the previous day off my calendar.

I wish a 'good week' wasn't defined as one where I only cried once or twice.

I wish LH was going home for Thanksgiving, so that there could be someone for me to look forward to seeing other than my cat.

I wish I had any sort of ambition to get my schoolwork done sooner and better and stop getting such bad marks.

I wish that a lot of the things that changed had stayed the same, and that a lot of the things that stayed the same had changed.

I wish people were okay with themselves, because I think that would make everything better.

I wish I was still okay myself today the way I was yesterday. Or this morning.

I wish it were last year.

I wish it were next year.

I wish this post wasn't so whiny.

I wish wishing weren't so useless.

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