Monday, 27 October 2008

Missing you like crazy, day two.

Have I mentioned, also, that no one calls me Mouse anymore, and even though as we never really that attached to it as a nickname, it's weird that everyone used to call me it, and now no one does?

Or that the FYPers handed in their Augustine essays this morning? And nothing reminds me more of RC than the Augustine essay... and us sitting in the Wardy, talking on MSN so that we could make fun of the people with us without them knowing, and then her dragging me to the Manning room so I would get off Facebook and do some work, and then she had a nap and KT threw the bible at her, and then she was "helping" me finish my essay by basically doing it for me?

Or that Formal Meal is this week, and it does nothing but remind me of that Formal Meal last year when I started crying for no reason, and she walked me back to my room and made sure I was okay?

Or that it's the exact kind of rainy day on which we used to go jumping in puddles (and sometimes hug everyone in the entire school afterwards) and then go have showers and change clothes and then get back together and watch some sort of lame movie?

Or that ALL of the sheet music she left in the piano bench is gone, and it broke my heart when I found out?

Yeah, okay, I'm being a huge sapface, but SERIOUSLY.

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Dr. Ivan Hood said...

Some days, when I storm around for no reason, or shout at people to either hurry up or pay attention, I miss her and it hits me from nowhere.