Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Bullet Point Update!

-I am soooo behind on school work. Bad scene. Very bad scene. So much reading. Sigh.

-LH is coming to visit this weekend!!! :D I'm very excited. <3

-My room is a huge mess. I don't think any room I've ever had has ever been this messy in my entire life. Ugh. I need to stop blogging and go clean shit. Seriously.

-I just finished writing a real actual post that involved like thought and stuff. You should be impressed. I decided not to actually publish it yet, because I wanted to get this brief life-update out of the way, so it'll probably be up tomorrow or Friday.

-It seems our neighbours to the south have a new president. In some ways, I can hardly believe that I'm writing about this, given that I spent most of last year very actively not caring about this election. I think, however, that a lot of my apathy stemmed from the fact that everyone around me cared way too much, and that once I stopped hearing about it for several hours a day, I actually become more interested. I didn't know nearly enough about it to really have an opinion, but I assume from the general reaction that things worked out well. And it was kind of neat from a "this will be a great moment in history" point of view. The only other thing I have to say, is that it made me actually quite sad at how many more people turned out at the Wardy to watch the American election than the Canadian one. I guess ours was more predictable and less exciting and stuff, but still. Still. It's your own country, people, take an interest!

-Uhh... other things that have happened recently? Oh, I went to the most awkward Halloween party ever. Not that it was horrible or not fun or anything, just... really awkward. There were a grand total of five us there; two high school best-friends that I hadn't seen in eight months or more, the fiancée of one of them, and the best friend of that one/boyfriend of the other, and myself. So there was this weird tension between the four of them being "we're best friends now and spend all our time together!" and then the three of us being "we were beset friends in high school and we've known each other forever!" And then when I left the party, the bus I was supposed to catch either never came or left early or the schedule was just wrong, or something, so I had to wait twenty minutes. It was late, and it was Halloween, and I was alone, and it was cold, and it was NOT FUN. Anyway, the bus finally came, and I got home, and then I got to work ovenight, which was also not fun. Halloween is a bad time to work. I'm just thankful that someone else cleaned up the puke so I didn't have to do it.

-I really wish I actually had time for doing stuff. Like, say, NaNoWriMo. It's been too long.

-Uhh, yeah, that's basically my life. I'm gonna go clean now.

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