Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Slow down.

A couple of days ago in my commerce class, the subject of the lecture was leadership. There have been several times in the past few months when something has happened in this class to make me think "I am way too much of an arts student to be here." Admittedly, sometimes these are just moments when I have no idea what's going on, but more often, it is because I simply disagree with the business world in general. What happened on this day was one of the latter.

Our prof told us that one of the absolute most important qualities of a leader is that they have to be thinking about the future ALL THE TIME.

I suppose that, strictly from a business point of view, that makes sense, because you have to have your company prepared for the future, blah blah blah whatever. My problem is, that this lecture wasn't just about business, it was about being a leader in all aspects of life, and that if we didn't follow these guidelines we would never be successful in life.

Seriously? If you're thinking about the future all the time, when do you get a chance to enjoy the present? What's the point in thinking about the future, if when it gets here you're too busy thinking about the future's future to even realize it? If that's what it takes to be a leader and "successful," then I don't really want to be one. That's not to say that I necessarily want to be a follower either; I just want to be.

I think that living in the present is one of the hardest things to do. Between worrying about the past and the future, we're barely aware of what's going on around us. I also think, however, that it's one of the most worthwhile pursuits. When I think of all the best moments of my life, they're the ones where I was simply living in and for the moment.

Despite being taught this lesson over and over again, though, I still don't do it. I don't generally have a problem with the past - yes, I have my nostalgic days (see the last post if you don't believe me :P), but in general, it's not on my mind that much. I think part of that is because I'm okay with my past, and because I'm very aware of the futility of regretting things that have already happen. No, my problem is with the future. Sometimes I'm worrying about the more distant future, at others I'm looking forward to the near future. I feel like the first one of these is a little more legit, but not much. The latter one, though, I'm not okay with. The reason I'm looking forward to it is because I'm not enjoying the present as much as I could be, but if I would stop thinking about it so much, I would probably enjoy right now a lot more. It seems silly, and so easily avoidable.

Like I said, this isn't the first time I've realized this. When I used to do yoga, we were supposed to clear our minds and focus on the moment. It was extremely difficult for me, but when I managed it, it was extremely fulfilling. And when I met my spirit guide, he told me two things. The first has become my mantra ("everything's going to be okay"), which has gotten me through a lot. But the second one, I hardly ever think of: Slow down.

And really, that's exactly what I need to do at this point in my life. Slow down. Because honestly? I'm in no rush to get anywhere anytime soon. I can wait. I've got my whole life ahead of me. I've just got to relax and enjoy what I've got at the moment.

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