Wednesday, 17 December 2008

It's been a bit of a long day.

I spent about an hour this morning typing up everything I could think of about the four flats we went to see yesterday and sending it to the rest of the roomies. After that, I spent about two hours going through all the pictures and videos we had and figuring out what they were and labeling them and figuring out how to send them and then sending them.

In between/after that stuff, I volunteered to host a Christmas party, and figured out all the logistics of it.

After that, I shoveled some snow, helped with some cleaning and stuff, and helped set up a room for my brother to stay in after he gets home this weekend.

After dinner, there was a gingerbread crisis, which led to some brainstorming with the fam, calling several grocery stores, some internet research, and then campaigning for volunteers. The crisis has almost been resolved, but not quite. Need one more volunteer... Have two contingency plans, though, so everything should work out decent at worst, good at best.

Tomorrow. Make gingerbread. Unless the crisis aversion plan doesn't work out, in which case either contingency plan 1 make a bunch of phone calls, or contingency plan 2 do nothing excpet maybe make some icing. Write a play. Clean the house. Sort out the last details of party-hosting. Hopefully have some sort of developments/progress on the housing situation.

Friday. Clean some more. Host a fantabulous Christmas party.

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