Saturday, 20 December 2008

Want want want.

Things going wrong in my life right now:

I've finally made a decision about shit in my life and am prepared to follow through. I just DON'T KNOW HOW. I really wish that I was less awkward. Or at least that I was awkward enough that I didn't care how awkward I was being. Maybe it's not awkward and I'm just making too big of a deal over it? Anyway. I just want this to work out well. Want want want.

Housing for next year - one roommate and I found the perfect place, but the other two are taking some convincing. I know that we probably seem silly for jumping at practically the first place we look at, but it really is pretty perfect. Like, really, actually. Want want want. I think they might be sorta kinda starting to come around to it? Hopefully we can convince them sooooon.

My brother might not make it home for Christmas. He's supposed to be coming home Sunday night, but there's a few massive storms moving into the area, and a whole bunch of flights are getting cancelled, and this close to Christmas, rescheduling propbably wouldn't go so well. This on its own is pretty sucky. Furthermore, he and I were going to get a joint gift for my parents, but he was going to deal with it because he knows about that kind of thing; I was just contributing money. But he wasn't going to pick it up until he got him, so if he doesn't come home, my parents have no gift. So I need to decide whether to get them something different or hope for him to come through. And since I'm going tomorrow to do the rest of my Christmas shopping... I need to decide by then. Agghhh.

Two of my marks still aren't online! So frustrating. So so so frustrating. I mean, yeahhh, I got the two I was most worried about already (did better than expected in both! I must be damn good at guessing for COMM 1010, and my Bentham paper must have been much better than I thought it was...) But still. I want these two as well. Want want want.

I'm supposed to be writing a play, and I'm not! I want want want more time and more motivation... sigh.

Things going right in my life right now:

I just hosted a Christmas party with my friends... I think it was a success. Everyone seemed fairly happy, anyway. I, for one, am pleased. :D

...yeah, that's really short, but it's actually good enough to make up for everything else. It's just easier to whine than to praise, I suppose. But trust me, I am a happy camper. Just an extraordinarily whiny one.

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