Thursday, 1 January 2009

Looking Ahead: 2009

So, since one year is ending, that means that a new one is just beginning! Here's what's coming up in 2009:

Finishing second year of university. Being halfway done is a weird thought. It feels like I've barely started, and I am not NEARLY ready to grow up and be a real person. No sirree.

Moving OUT of res into some sort of house/flat/apartment. I'm really excited. Living in residence has been a horror this year - even worse than I expected it to be. Plus I'm looking forward to being more independent and cooking yummy food and living with good friends. If everyone gets their shit together soon, then my future roommates and I will get an upstairs flat with four of our other friends in the downstairs flat, which would be AMAZING. I reeeaaaally reeeeaaally want that to happen. Like, a lot.

Summer in the city. Not coming home for anything longer than Christmas any more is a scary thought! Exciting. But terrifying. Did I mention that I'm not ready to grow up? But I do kind of think that summer would be the best time to be in the city. Of course, it's also the best time to be at home too... Bah. Halifax has a serious lack of convenient/uncontaminated beaches. Oh, and I need to get a job in the city? I don't even know where to start with that...

I don't know, those are the main things on my mind for the coming year.

I rang in the new year last night with friends, fireworks, and shenanigans; which is pretty much the way it should be. We managed to miss midnight by a few minutes (Not because we were drunk. We weren't. We're just absent minded.), but in my mind that was kind of perfect. The midnight moment always seems somewhat anticlimactic, so not having it was no great loss. And besides which, it made for a good laugh. All-in-all, good party, despite lacking one key element. Ah well, you can't have everything.

Anyway. So, as usual, I made New Year's Resolutions. But this year... this year is different. Usually, I make resolutions because it's fun and it's just sort of an acknowledgement of "yeah, I could be doing better in that area of my life" but then I generally don't actually do anything about it. But right now I'm at a point in my life where I feel like I really need to turn over a new leaf and make a fresh start on some things. So instead of just making random resolutions, I'm setting goals and trying to make them specific, measurable, attainable, etc. Hopefully they'll last longer than a month this year.

1) Positivity. Third try's the charm? To me, there's two parts to positivity. One is being positive about things in my life so that I can feel better. The other is to spread the positivity to other people so that they can feel better too. So, part one, personal positivity. At the end of each day, I'll write down all of the good things that happened, and no matter how bad of a day it was, I have to come up with at least one thing. Every day. As for passing it onto others, I need to be less whiny, and smile more, and maybe do a positivity post here once a week, because at least a few people would read it.
2) Eloquence. Same deal with the third try thing on this one. I really don't have any idea how to set goals with this one. Use one more eloquent word every day than the day before? I'm not sure that's feasible. So, I guess this one I will just have to try to keep it in mind and hope for the best.
3) Write a play. I have an idea for a play that I think could be amazing. At the moment, I know how it starts, how it ends, and I have a vague idea of how things go in the middle. By the end of this semester, I want to figure out what goes on in the middle and make a brief outline of the whole play. Over the summer, I want to write the whole thing. Then, in the fall, I want to submit it to the KTS to have it put on at King's as a show.
4) Take better care of myself physically, mentally, and emotionally (and cookieally!) Obviously, this is a many-part resolution, so I've tried to cover as many aspects of it as I could think of...
-Get more exercise. I will exercise for half an hour, three times a week. Stretch every day.
-Eat healthier. Salad every day. Dessert, not every day. More fluids.
-Sleep better/more. If it's after midnight, I need to ask myself seriously, "is there a good reason to be awake right now?" Good reasons include homework and being with friends. Oh, and work, obviously. Good reasons do not include MSN, facebook, number puzzles, wikipedia, or other such things.
-Don't procrastinate schoolwork. Get it done on time, preferably early. Other things are often not more important.
-Don't let situations carry on and pile up. DEAL WITH SHIT WHEN IT HAPPENS. Don't just let things keep going on and on and on. That never makes things better.
-Be less stressed. The previous things + positivity should be pretty conducive to this, so I'm not sure there's anything else that needs to be added, except that I need to stop stressing myself out unnecessarily.
-Do better things with my time. Whenever I find myself sitting at the computer doing something unproductive, I need to get away from it, and read or write or make music or visit friends or anything else which is useful and/or happiness-inducing.
-Stop being afraid of everything. I'm not really sure how to make this one more specific and attainable. I guess whenever I'm in a situation where I want to back out of something because I'm scared, I just have to tell myself to man up, and go do it anyway.

I think that's it. I feel like I should write these down on a piece of paper and tape it on the wall next to my mirror, or something, to make sure that I remember to do them. Hmmm. Mayhaps I will do that, or at least put them somewher that I do see fairly often.