Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Horoscopes and Real Life

One day last week, I was hanging out with some friends in the campus bar/lounge, and there was a copy of the crappy local paper sitting on one of the tables. Not the crappiest local paper, but still pretty bad. We have a lot of local papers. A large portion of them are crappy. This is beside the point. The point is, one of the people I was with picked up the crappy local paper and read out horoscopes for eveyone who was there. Mine? Said something about Sartre that I didn't catch, which probably wasn't a big deal. And then it said that this is the year to turn my life into a masterpiece. I guess even crappy local newspapers get it right sometimes. :)

So, life is pretty exciting these days. Nothing much is going on, but, I don't know, I'm just so excited about everything! It's fantastic. I haven't felt this way in a long time. I'm enjoying it muchly.

Last week we had Friday off as a university holiday, resulting in a fantastic long weekend. This gave me time to hang out with multiple groups of friends AND not only get caught up on work that I hadn't done the week before, but get a ton of work done ahead of time! So today I finished up the last of the stuff I need to do for this week and got started on an essay that's due next Friday. Next week is the last before study break, and will therefore be somewhat hectic, so anything I can get out of the way now is a definite bonus.

Most of my friends at other universities have their study break next week, so a few of them are going to be coming to visit - one this weekend, and one at some undetermined time. I'm so excited to see them! Friends are the best, they really are.

I'm excited for our study break. I have already decided that the first day I am just going to stay in bed until dinner time. This is not quite as unreasonable as it sounds, since I will have just worked an overnight shift, so I would normally stay in bed until lunch time, at least, anyway. I've just constantly been feeling the urge to crawl into bed and snuggle with my teddy bear, so I want to have a whole day where I can just do that. I'll probably also be going home for four or five days, which is pretty exciting. I'm not even homesick or anything, but I just want a change of scenery and a change of pace, to aboid falling into a slump. Routines are good, but I think I could use a break from mine. I want to go home and go for a walk on the trail because it's pretty. That is what I want.

Other news that I feel like mentioning but not discussing:
-One of my friends has "hired" me as his personal assistant. I find this awesome.
-I am discouraged and frustrated by student union politics. But then, this is no surprise. Seems like elections this year should be about as interesting as they were last year, although hopefully they will end with better results.
-Last formal meal of the year was tonight. Kind of a sad feeling for me; living off campus next year, I don't imagine I'll come to many formal meals. One of the things that I will miss about living here.
-Also at formal meal, our university president informed us that our school was ranked number one in the country by students. That is several kinds of awesome.

I guess that's it. Be excited for upcoming posts - my list of things to write about grows much much faster than I can write them. Currently, there are seven things on the list. Seven! I may combine a few of these ideas, but still. Things are coming. Be prepared.

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