Saturday, 7 February 2009

A Month's Worth of Positivity

Of all my New Year's Resolution, there's only one that I've managed to keep completely, and that was the one where I write down all the positive things that happen at the end of each day. The other part of my positivity resolution was to put up a weekly blog post of some of these things, but, well, I've obviously failed at this, completely. So, to try to make up for it, here are the most positive things of the past month:

- Turning over a new leaf
- Fireworks
- Shenanigans
- Random middle of the night comversations about mullet eyebrows and other such things
- Fondue
- Corned beef
- Grapefruit
- Naps
- My "Early Modern Conceptions of Asian Thought" class
- Delicious Jean's Chinese
- Getting my first ever A-level mark on a paper at King's
- Improv
- Cuddling
- Repeatedly getting the highest mark in the class on grammar quizzes
- Murder mystery party
- Finding a place to live come May
- Formal Meal
- Tea party
- Visit from Laura
- Brinner (Breakfast for dinner!)
- Fringe went well
- The people I care about care about me too :)
- 100% on a french test that I wrote while I was hungover

See how much good can happen in just one month? And that's just the highlights. What good things happened in your January?

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