Friday, 6 February 2009

Strength of Will

I proved today how much I've improved in one aspect: self-discipline.

I've been having crazy amounts of food cravings lately. Mostly perogies, but also cupcakes, soba noodles, mangoes, and M&M's. Dark chocolate M&M's, I love everything about them, I love the way it feels to have a big handful of them, I love the texture of them when you chew, and of course I love the taste.

Today I was at the store finishing up some Christmas shopping (yeahhhh, whoops) and picking up some real food. And there on the shelf, right in front of me, "bowl-sized" bags of dark chocolate M&M's. My mouth was watering, I tell you.

The 5-year old inside me begged "oh please, please, can we have them, pleeeeease?" And the reasonable side of me said "no, that is not a good use of five dollars, and besides, they'll make us fat. We can have a little bit of ice cream at dinner tonight instead."

I am so proud of me.

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