Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Snowstorms in spring? What is this shit? Seriously. A week and a half ago it was nice enough that I was out in a dress and a light jacket. And now SNOW?! It is MARCH, people, LATE March. I think at this point it's supposed to be working the whole "going out like a lamb" thing, and NOT in the sense of "white and fluffy."

Also, HEGEL. I spent SIX HOURS reading Hegel today. That is a lot of Hegel. Hegel is also one of my less favourite philosophers. Like, I'm okay with the whole zeitgeist shebang, but he is one racist dude. For example:

"America has always shown itself to be physically and spiritually impotent - and it still does so - for after the Europeans landed, the natives gradually perished at the mere breath of European activity" (Introduction to the Philosophy of History). Gradually perished? Estimates of 80% of the population of the two continents dying in about a century? That's what we call gradual, is it? This tends to happen when you spread small pox to previously-unexposed populations... and how about "slaughter"? I seem to remember that you Europeans were sort of jerks when you went over there; since when was "slaughter" considered a "mere breath of activity" ? Jerk.

"The inferiority of these individuals [the Americans] in every respect... is very apparent" (Introduction to the Philosophy of History).

"The initial determination of the triad is the One, and is called J; the second determination is the Chi or light breathing; the third is Wei, what is sent, the messenger. These three symbols are perhaps not Chinese; one sees in them the three letters J, H, W, and correlates this with the Hebraic tetragram Jehovah" (Lectures on the Philosophy of Religion). 1) You're talking about Daoism, which is, like, really friggin' old, possibly older than Judaism and the whole Jehovah business anyway. 2) The reason those concepts have those letters in them? Not because the Chinese wrote those words using those letters, asswipe, but because some bastard European like yourself decided to translate the Chinese symbols using those letters. You're speculating on something which only exists because of the way it was translated; you would never find those parallels if you were actually studying an original Chinese manuscript of the Daodejing. So quit trying to read your shitty religion into everything, and let the Chinese keep their own religion and shut the fuck up, you fucking bastard.

Also, your whole dealy about how history went from Asia to Greece to Rome to Germany? (The Philosophy of History) - I'm pretty sure that there was oh, say, a MILLENNIUM or so between the fall of Rome and Germany starting to, you know, exist? So, what, did history just kinda take a break for all that time? 'Cause, you know, it's not like anything important could have happened anywhere else in the world during that time. No one gives a shit about Germany, okay?

AND ANOTHER THING. Listen here, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich, you can't write worth shit. When one paragraph takes up more than three pages, YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG. Get a fucking editor. Or just shut the fuck up already. Ugh.

Also, you're really ugly.

Fuck Hegel. Fucker.


Dr. Ivan Hood said...

I always thought it was IN like a lamb and OUT like a lion. Juss sayin.

gnomesque said...

So I searched "march lion lamb" on google, and apparently it can go either way, it's just that it's supposed to go out the opposite of how it came in. I don't remember how March came in this year...

Anonymous said...

Then he'd have to acknowledge that History traveled from Rome East to The Byzantine Empire, the Islamic World, and then back to Europe via (Gasp) Africa.