Tuesday, 7 April 2009

And she fights for her life as she puts on her coat.

Trying to convert speech to text is weird. People don't really punctuate when they speak. They tend to use run on sentences. Lots of commas, lots of ands. Not so much with the periods. I never know when to use colons, semi-colons, and dashes. No one talks with semi-colons, but... sometimes it's grammatically correct to write it as though they did. And what about numbers? When people say a number, do they say seven or do they say 7? What about seven hundred (700?)? How do you know where they're using capitals? If they emphasize something, how do you know whether they were italicizing, bolding, or underlining? Spoken language is a strange thing. Or maybe it's written language that's strange. Should we write the way that we speak, or speak the way that we write? I mean, for most of the history of language, it would make more sense to write the way that we spoke - because for a long time speech was the main mode of communication. But then there was the printing press and lots of books and people become literate and wrote letters all the time and they wrote more. But then they invented phones and television and that made speech more popular again. But now there's the internet. But still. I don't talk with semi-colons. I do write with semi-colons. Which one's write? What's the difference? It's almost like the two are completely separate languages. Maybe not. They share content, just not form. Language is weird.

Erg. So I had a job interview today, I think it went decently, but not great. I found out that I would have to basically shave my head though, and I'm really not sure how I feel about that. I told them I'd be willing to, and if I had to do it, I would, but... man, I would not be happy about it. I almost cried just thinking about it when they asked at the interview. It seems like such a petty thing to be concerned about. It's just hair, I've cut it and dyed it and done whatever else to it before. It'll grow back. But... I don't know, it's just... a part of me. And I feel like there's a sort of social stigma against girls with shaved heads? Like everyone would stare at me in the street. Children would point at me and their parents would tell them that I hate God (or maybe I've just been reading too much FML?). Hats would have to happen. No one think girls with military haircuts are pretty. My self-image is bad enough as is, really. Anyway, that's really just a tiny thing, I should not even let that be part of my considerations while I'm trying to make decisions about the summer.

This video is super cool. I love the sock fishes. And I like the song. Thanks to LH for making me aware of it.

Also, at the moment, I am in love with the Decemberists. I especially love The Crane Wife (Parts One, Two, and Three). One and two are actually combined, but too long to be put on youtube as one song. I prefer one and two over three, and one is my favourite of all.

While I'm on the topic of music, this is also a super-neat video. I want pop-up books like that! And again, I like the song. Actually Lisa Hannigan's entire album (Sea Sew) is really great; my favourite song would have to be Splishy Splashy.

I should be in bed. I should be in bed a while ago. It's going to be a long week. I should sleep. I thought I was getting sick this afternoon, I had a headache and stomachache and felt a little dizzy and feverish. I seem to be all better now. I think the headache/dizziness at least can probably be chalked up to dehydration, I haven't drank nearly as much water as usual in the past few days.

I like spring. I like spring a lot. I like all of the seasons that aren't winter, actually. Actually spring is probably only my third favourite. I'm just happy because I was squishing through mud in my bare feet today. That is happiness. Everything is happiness.

My updated April to-do list (No, I do not intend to post this every day. But I might. You never know.):

-3 days of class
-(at least) 1 job interview
-1 test
-1 essay
-2 take-home exams
-2 regular exams
-1 set of council minutes which have been finished, but still need to be formatted
-2+ shifts of work
-100 pages of script to write
-decide what I'm doing with my summer
-figure out when/how I'm going to get my stuff moved from res into the new place, with a possible trip home in between, unless I end up just going home and staying there
-visit with a friend who goes to university out of province is home for a few weeks between class ending and exams started
-potentially go home for part of Easter weekend

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Dr. Ivan Hood said...

if it makes you feel better, I'll shave my head too. We can match! <3