Wednesday, 29 April 2009


This morning, my laptop decided that it hated the internet and refused to connect to it. For no apparent reason. I spent several hours trying to fix it myself and several hours on the phone with useless Dell tech support, but nothing doing. No dice. This evening, it decided that it liked the internet again. For no apparent reason. Argh, technology.

I heard from all three of my friends who are formerly-King's-students-but-are-now-far-far-away today. This is good! It always surprises me how little some people change, but I guess it's hard to tell over the internet. They probably think I haven't changed much either. It's also a little bit surprising how astutely observant someone who's across the ocean can be. I guess I do wear my heart on my sleeve, as much as I like to think I hide pretty well.

I think that I'm going to spend the next year becoming a TANK so that next summer I can go tree planting. I'm pretty sure I would hate tree planting. Passionately. But if I was a tank maybe it wouldn't be so bad? It's one of those things that sounds really good in theory, but I would probably not like so much in real life. But it might be a good life experience or something. I don't know. We'll see how the becoming a tank thing goes.

I spent much of today going through all of the recipe cards I could find in the house and copying over all the ones I wanted. I found things in there we haven't made since I was a kid! Like bread sticks. I can remember helping my mom make those when I was a kid; they were one of my favourite homemade things. I had completely forgotten about them, though, until I saw that recipe. Now I can't wait to make them again!

Anyway, I'd best be to bed again... I need to be awake again in about 7 hours, and then am spending about 12 hours at my apartment cleaning, so I should probably maximize my sleeping time as much as possible.

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