Tuesday, 28 April 2009

The Wanting Comes in Waves

Hello, internet. It's been a while, yes? I know, I know. Many apologies.

I seem to have made it through April. I don't know where this month has gone. Seems like just yesterday I was whining about how much work I had left to do. Oh wait... that was just yesterday.

I also seem to have made it through another school year. I don't know where these 8 months have gone. When I moved out of residence last night, looking around the big empty room, it seemed like just the day before that I had been moving into that big empty room. It's hard to believe that I'm already halfway through university. (Okay, probably not, because we all know that I'm too terrified of growing up to go out into the real world right away, I'll likely end up doing a masters degree, but you know what I mean).

Speaking of growing up, I've started moving into my new apartment. It's crazy. After being excited about getting out of res since September, and being excited about this particular place since January, it's hard to believe that it's finally real. I've already moved in the majority of my stuff, and I'm going to be spending Thursday there cleaning and packing. And then moving in for good on Friday. I'm really excited for that, I want to set things up and unpack and decorate and organize and arrange! I love that. And I'm excited to be around best friends all the time. It'll be like res last year, when it was good. :) On the other hand, so much responsibility! As much as I'm excited for cooking and making yummy food, like, actually having to buy my own food? Grown-up thing to do. I'm not interested in being grown up. And I know that by the end of first semester I'll be sick of it and just wish that Sodexo would feed me (Ugh, okay, no, it will never be that bad. I'll just wish our house had a salad bar. ...maybe our house should have a salad bar... :P). I don't know. Anyway. I'm trying not to worry about the grown-up/responsible part at the moment and just focus on how much I'm looking forward to all the fun times.

I'm still unemployed. I'm working on that. I'm sure something will come up soon enough.

I didn't manage Script Frenzy. I am horribly upset with myself about this. It just... didn't come together. I was considering attempting it in the next two days, but... no. No. I'm not that crazy.

Aaaaaaand, guess what time it is? POSITIVITY TIME! That's right, friends, it has been many moons since my last edition of "I love so much" (since February, I believe, oh my!), so, without further ado, here it is! I love:

-35 degree days in April
-Decks (the kind that are attached to houses, not as in "of cards." Although the pirate ship variety is pretty good too.)
-The combination of warm breezes and bare feet
-The smell of clean laundry
-Teen Wolf
-Drinking at work
-Drinking in general
-Seeing best friends after a year and a half of absence <3
-$35 cake debacles. Especially when it ends with me getting most of the cake for free.
-Being done finals
-Having stories to tell
-Inheriting a free barbecue (and lamps and dishes and tea!) from the people who used to live in our apartment

Anyway, I guess I'd best be heading off to bed, I've got a busy couple of days ahead of me. I'm spending tomorrow copying over recipes and applying for jobs, Thursday at the apartment cleaning and unpacking, then moving in on Friday and having a fort night/Sliders marathon, followed by the fantastic breakfast on Saturday morning. Have I mentioned that I have a pretty much perfect life? Soooo good. So good.

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