Tuesday, 9 June 2009

I don't love...

getting Facebook messages that aren't the Facebook message I want to get. The same goes for emails.
still being mostly unemployed.
the results of the election.

BUT, I do love...

how in Google Chrome when a page doesn't load properly it says "Aw, snap!"
employment! Not much or permanent, but I worked about 7 hours today at 2 one-time jobs, which is better than my usual unemployment.
elections!!! Agh, excitement. One of the places I worked today was in a returning office, taking phone calls from polling stations reporting their results. It was pretty neat to be there and be a part of everything... although a little frustrating not having a real time results from the rest of the province. Ah well. I'm so glad I'm on the elections committee at King's next year, I know it's not the same, but it's still pretty exciting.
my roommate's parents, and her boyfriend's parents. They're just such lovely people, so very very giving. Their generosity amazes me to no end.
sweet potato soup!
cookie on a stick! I haven't eaten it yet because it was frozen, but my mouth is watering in anticipation. I have heard amazing things about these cookies.
discovering new blogs (Geek Central Station). This makes me want to take up arigurumi crochet, because HOLY CRAP crocheted Lord of the Rings characters? Or Firefly? That would be SO COOL.
part time employment in a few weeks. I'm not overly thrilled about it, and am keeping on looking, but it's better than nothing, yes? Yes.

EDIT: Okay, okay, what I want to make, is crocheted Princess Bride characters. YES. I mean, a crocheted Buttercup and Wesley? Totally cool! And INIGO? And Fezzick! And then I'd have to do Vizzini. I guess I'd better have Humperdink and Rugen, too. Miracle Max and Vaelrie? I think so! Maybe the albino. And the old woman with the eye brows... Okay, maybe that's a little much. BUT YOU GET MY POINT. It would be totally cool. Totally. Cool.

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