Thursday, 9 July 2009

Different things

So, I had a burst of blogging momentum there, and I intended for it to carry on, but it kinda sorta died out a little bit. But I've got a list of things to blog about! (I know, I know, I always say that, and then you never hear about any of the things on the list ever again, but this time is different. Really!)

I just got back from my aforementioned trip to Eskasoni. It was a nice trip - good to get away, and a night in a hotel seemed like such a luxurious treat! Interesting to see Eskasoni as well, and see a workshop to understand better what it is that CESO actually does. I may write more on it later, given the time.

And tomorrow afternoon when I get home from work, I'm headed away again! I'm off for the weekend to go to a lobster festival with some friends, so that should be a good time as well. Especially since I don't see those friends as often as I should - I really need to work on being more social!

In other news... I'm contemplating a sewing project. Which is sort of a big deal, because my sewing skills are nearly non-existent. Er, rather, let me rephrase that. I can do simple sewing-by-hand stuff. I could totally make, I don't know, a pillow case. But this is... on a bigger scale. I'm pretty excited about it, though. As evidenced by the fact that I'm already obsessing over it, but have almost 6 months before I want to have the completed project. Hopefully I will post some more about it soon. Maybe I will keep it a mystery and reveal a bit at a time. Mwa ha, sneaky!

The point of that last paragraph, is that in searching for sewing patterns on the internet, I've come across some neat websites and blogs. I will likely post some links here sometime soon, once I've had some more time to finish exploring them myself (at the moment, I've got 7 browser windows open that are sewing/craft related, and multiple tabs on some of them, and that doesn't even include the ones I have bookmarked!). BUT I am going to post one today, because I stumbled across a blog called Garden Goose. In honour of her 500th post, she's having a giveaway of really gorgeous wall decals from Wilson Graphics Etsy shop (like this little frog prince!). The contest is open until July 15th, so head on over to her blog for details on how to enter!

Much love, more soon.

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