Sunday, 5 July 2009



On only my 5th attempt, I finally managed to poach a perfect egg. See?

With a beautiful, cooked, non-runny yolk:


Yarn shopping: successful. I settled on gray, in the end. See? Pretty yarn! It's very soft, too.

I've already started the knitting, it's coming along quite nicely. Although it turns out that my gauge is somewhat off, so my measurements are a little screwy, so I think I'll need to make other parts longer to make up for it, which always makes me nervous because I'm afraid I might screw it up completely. We'll see.


I decided to do a little more research into Holland Personality types to see if the internet could come up with some other suggestions for me (it's nice to have options).

I ended up finding this article about unusual combinations of Holland codes. Basically, having strong strong scores in the two codes that are opposite one another on Holland's hexagon - Artistic-Conventional, like me, Social-Realistic, or Enterprising-Investigative. The article is sort of an interesting read - I do love how at the end, when suggesting possible careers for these abnormal personality types, he only talks about SRs and EIs, but not ACs. But I could be like, the administrator of a theatre company, or something like that.

Or I could knit professionally.

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